Justin Timberlake Shares His Best Advice to Music Students: Watch the Heartwarming Videos

On Friday, June 18, Justin Timberlake shared behind-the-scenes clips of his Zoom meetings with music students and the lessons he taught them.

By Alyssa Morin Jun 19, 2021 8:51 PMTags

Justin Timberlake is raising the bar with his teaching skills.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, June 11, the "Can't Stop This Feeling" singer shared behind-the-scenes footage of his latest project, in which he remotely worked with a group of music students from the Memphis, Tenn. school, Stax Music Academy.

The Grammy winner not only revealed some of his best-kept secrets about the industry, but he helped them navigate the writing and production process. Per Justin's video clips, the students presented their completed songs to him and their parents on Zoom. In fact, the former 'NSYNC band member said that his wife, Jessica Biel, was even a fan of their tunes.

"I'm so proud of these incredible students at @staxmusicacademy," the 40-year-old musician began his caption. "They blew me away again this year, and I'm happy we were able to make this program work despite the fact that we couldn't do it in person."

Justin Timberlake Through the Years

"A lot of zooms later," he continued, "it's clear this group of students has truly taken their art to the next level. Honored to be part of it… and to witness the progress."

Justin gushed, "Y'all are so talented. Here are a few clips from the process, which I hope inspires any young people interested in making music, to keep working and keep collaborating. Can't wait to do this again next year - in person in Memphis!"

When speaking about the songs the students created, Justin noted how one track really stood out to his wife. 

"I was playing a lot of these ideas and my wife was bopping around the house, and I played this one [song] and she was, like, 'Ooo what is that?!'" he recalled, telling the class, "So you have something that's grabbing people's attention off the bat, so I think keeping their attention with that melody is gonna be—sorry, pun intended—key here."

In one of the clips, Justin also opened up about writer's block and how his perspective changed when previously working with record producer, Rick Rubin.

"I was having writer's block on a song and he asked me to play it for him," the Palmer actor shared. "And I said, 'This is where I am and this is where I'm stuck.' He said, 'Well, who are you writing the song for?' I said, 'What do you mean? I'm writing the song for myself.' He goes, 'No, no, no.'"

Justin added, "We're all just a make-up of our influences... Look at this and who you'd wanna pitch this record to...it may inspire more melodies."

To hear the star dish more advice, watch his Instagram above!