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So much delish dirt about disgustingly gorgeous people today, folks! First up, we can confirm that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have definitely split. A source very close to Ms. Fox tells us that she and Brian are no longer together, although they "remain very fond of each other."

Looks like what we exclusively told you back in March was the final straw in the couple's relaysh, but M & B will still "get together" often and are totally on good terms, we're told. "Officially, though, it's over between them and has been for a while," dishes Megan's close pal. 

So what really went down with Meg and Robert Pattinson back in the day? Could he have been the third party responsible for Megan and Brian's tension?

Do read on:

A knowledgeable and well-established source who worked extensively on Jennifer's Body with Megan claims that M.F. was running her mouth about how she "hooked up" with Robert Pattinson. Interpret that how you will. Supposedly, this was around the time Meg and Bri had called off their engagement.

"Megan was totally into [Rob] and thought he was really cute," snitches our high-up, on-the-set sleuth. "But nothing ever went further than one night they were together. He totally blew her off." 

Holy horniness overload, our heads are exploding!

Pattz dissing Angelina 2.0—can't believe it!

Fear not, Robsten lovers, supposedly this was all before Kristen Stewart wised up and finally picked Rob over the boyfriend. Our source swears R.P. never followed up with the Fox-y babe again and that's why the pissed-off gal spilled to Elle mag about how R was "too pretty and young" for her.

Megan's rep tells us this is totally not true, though.

"[Megan] has literally met Rob twice. She went to coffee with Shia [LaBeouf] the other day, so they must be hooking up too, right?"

Uh, if we were Megan, we would! Girl is single and seriously, painfully sexy. She should be getting it on left and right. Or what? Only men can do that?

Fox's rep stands by the story that her client and Mr. Pattinson are merely casual friends. Indeed, she states that Meg first met Rob at a GQ party. So that means the second time they hung must have been when they coincidentally ran into each other out in L.A., right?

Looking back, this timeline is ridiculous with possibility. The Megan-Brian drama, the supposed Rob-Megan hookup, Rob blowing off Megan, Megan and Brian blowing off each other, Rob and Kristen getting their vampire on, Megan setting sail for more attainable Shia waters, OMG, it just won't stop!

Ugh. Robsten's probably only too happy to have Shia and Megan suffer so for a bit, right?

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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