You Have to See Helen Mirren Conduct Her Tonight Show Interview From Her Bathtub

When Helen Mirren made her guest appearance on the June 17 episode of The Tonight Show, she didn't do it from the studio. Instead, she called in from her "favorite place in the world"—her tub!

By Elyse Dupre Jun 18, 2021 1:49 PMTags
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Let's take a moment to fully soak up Helen Mirren's interview on The Tonight Show.

During the June 17 episode, the 75-year-old actress made an appearance from her "favorite place in the world"—her bathtub! 

"You know, that's the brilliant thing about Zoom," Mirren said. "I was thinking, 'You know, why not be in the place that you love to sit and chat to people?' I love having a chat to my husband while I'm sitting in the bath. So, why not do it to the whole of America?"

As Jimmy Fallon pointed out, the Oscar winner may be the first guest ever to conduct an interview from this location. Although, Mirren did run into a few challenges. "I'm running out of bubbles, though," she told the host. "That's the problem. You were chatting away, and I was waiting and my bubbles were going down." 

And after a while, The Queen star started, as she put it, "getting pinker and pinker."

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Throughout the chat, Mirren covered a number of subjects. She recalled the time she met The Who's Keith Moon while performing in the 1975 play Teeth 'n' Smiles and shared how she confronted a "naughty bear" in her backyard. She also discussed her role in the new Fast & Furious movie F9 and how she "begged" Vin Diesel for a part.

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

"I was shameless, no absolutely," she said. "I begged, I whined, I moaned, I cried a little bit. I pulled every trick that I could possibly pull. And he very, very kindly acquiesced."

Watch the videos to see her full interview.

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