Kim Kardashian Granted Restraining Order Against Man Accused of Sending Her a Wedding Ring

In court documents obtained by E! News​​​, Kim Kardashian detailed how her alleged stalker tried to show up at her home on multiple occasions.

By Cydney Contreras Jun 17, 2021 9:04 PMTags
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Kim Kardashian has been granted a temporary restraining order after a man allegedly sent an engagement ring to her home.

According to court documents obtained by E! News, Kardashian's attorney Shawn Holley filed a request for a restraining order on Wednesday, June 16 after an individual repeatedly attempted to gain access to the reality star. 

In her declaration, Kardashian claims the man began stalking her on February 24, when he allegedly "wrongfully" entered the gated community where she resides with her four children. The documents state he was pulled over by a community security guard and questioned about why he was there, at which point he told the officer, "I'm here to see Kim, she is the love of my life." 

The documents read the individual was subsequently "cited for trespassing and taken to a medical center for a mental evaluation hold."

Three months later, on Wednesday, May 26, the person allegedly tried to enter Kardashian's gated community again, claiming he was there to pick her up for a dinner date, but was turned away by the security since they were aware he was on a "restricted list," per the restraining order request.

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Most recently, the court documents state the person allegedly sent a package containing an engagement ring and the emergency contraceptive pill Plan B to Kardashian's home under an alias.

Kardashian further claims their social media accounts are "troubling," as "they reflect [his] obsessive delusions and belief that he is in a relationship with me."


"Through these posts, [he] falsely claims that he is in a relationship with me and even claims to be married to me. There is no basis to these delusions," the court documents assert. "I have no relationship with [him] and have never met him or communicated with him."

The skims mogul adds she's "fearful" of the man, because she hired a security company, who told her a background check shows he has a criminal background. Kardashian explains, "I fear that without a restraining order in place, [he] will continue to attempt to gain access to my home and will harm me or members of my family if he is able to do so."

Kardashian was granted a temporary restraining order, which will remain in place until the court hears Kardashian's motion for a more permanent restraining order.

The 40-year-old star is the latest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family to seek a restraining order against an obsessive fan.

Kendall Jenner recently obtained a 5-year restraining order against Malik Bower, who was arrested in March for trespassing on her Los Angeles property. 

Meanwhile, the Kim Kardashian West Beauty owner remains focused on her family, business and health. In a sneak preview of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion, Kardashian stated she's not sacrificing anything in her life for the sake of appearances, because as she said, "You can do whatever you want."

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