What The Princess Diaries' Heather Matarazzo Really Thinks of Her Character Lilly

Lilly Moscovitz may have been Mia Thermopolis’ BFF in The Princess Diaires, but she had some shady AF moments. Now, 20 years later, Heather Matarazzo weighs in on her character’s attitude.

By Elyse Dupre Jun 17, 2021 2:47 PMTags
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Her cable show may have only reached 12 people, but The Princess Diaries' Lilly Moscovitz still has millions of fans questioning her jealous attitude 20 years later.

In fact, even Heather Matarazzo—who played Mia Thermopolis' BFF—has some thoughts on her character's treatment of the newly crowned Princess of Genovia.

"I know for me, that the opinions and feelings that I had when I was a teenager are not the same feelings and opinions I have as an adult," she explained in a recent TikTok. "And the thing that I love about Lilly is that she was self-aware enough to recognize when she was in the wrong, which is not something I can say for many adults. She very clearly said that she needed an attitude adjustment. And I think the truth is that she was afraid of losing her best friend. She was afraid that her new 'status' was going to change her."

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Still, Heather acknowledged Lilly "said some real s--t" that no one should tolerate. Like, when Lilly assumed Mia (Anne Hathaway) was done grieving her dad after just two months. A moment Heather so accurately dubbed as "cringeworthy."

However, being human is learning and evolving and Heather knows if that hotly-anticipated third film ever happens, viewers may see a change in Lilly.


"If there was one, I would totally, totally totally love to be involved and would be involved 'cause there's no Mia without Lilly. Let's be real," she said. "But more importantly, if there was a third film, her character would have grown and developed while still keeping her core essence of fighting for the underdog and remaining authentically her."

And to that, we bow down.