Mariah Carey Throws Shade at Eminem While Celebrating "Obsessed" Anniversary

While marking the twelve-year anniversary of her hit song’s release, Mariah may have thrown a little shade towards Eminem in a short clip featuring her "Obsessed" character.

By Kisha Forde Jun 17, 2021 2:30 PMTags
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Mariah Carey may be feeling just a little slim shady.
It's been 12 years since the "Honey" singer first shook up the music charts with her hit single "Obsessed"—long presumed to be aimed at rapper Eminem and what she saw as his, well, obsession with her. And in honor of the celebratory occasion, Mariah recently used the song as backing for her entry into the popular "Wipe It Down" TikTok challenge. 
In the short video, not only does Mariah go from dressed down to glammed up with a seamless transition, but there's another cameo: The "Slim Shady" rapper himself. (Okay, fine, it's clearly Mariah recreating her version of an Eminem-like personality from the 2009 video).
"Just for laughs," she captioned the June 16 Instagram post. "From last year's lockdown when all I did was wipe tings down. #HappyAnniversaryObsessed."
While she may be laughing now, the feud between the two musicians was quite serious at one point, with swipes being traded between the 8 Mile star and her ex-husband Nick Cannon as recently as 2019

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A quick refresh for those not up on their celeb feuds: Tensions began in 2001 when Eminem claimed to have dated the songstress for six months, a situation she categorically denied. The rapper than proceeded to release a number of records throwing shade at the pop star, with the most notable one being "Bagpipes From Bagdad." 

That 2009 single prompted Mariah to release her huge hit, "Obsessed." In the oft-dissected music video, Mariah sported grey sweats, a hoodie, and donned a goatee, which some fans saw as a nod to Eminem's wardrobe. (That character also followed Mariah throughout the video).
And though the singer never explicitly mentioned the rapper by name, it's clear that she does know him.