Watch: Kardashians Reunion Recap Pt. 2: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S20, EP14)

Spilling all their secrets.

The Kardashian-Jenner family has had plenty of iconic ups and downs over the past 20 seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians—but what really went on behind the scenes? 

During the unprecedented KUWTK reunion, which concluded tonight, June 20, following the epic series finale, the reality TV stars didn't hold back in dishing on their past regrets and most memorable moments. Kim Kardashian revealed why she was almost a "runaway bride" before tying the knot with Kris Humphries, and admitted that she will always be Kanye West's "biggest fan." 

Kris Jenner discussed her momager role and even copped to having a favorite kid! Or at least which daughter is the easiest to manage. Khloe Kardashian opened up about the pressures of fame and body-shaming, plus gave an update on where Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods stand after the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. 

Kendall Jenner broke her silence about why she keeps her dating life private—and confirmed her romance with Devin Booker! And could Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have made it work without Scott's substance abuse treatment? 

The Kardashian-Jenners Through the Years

From Kylie Jenner remembering how she coped with Caitlyn Jenner's transition to the family giving an update on Rob Kardashian, keep scrolling to see all the shocking moments from the KUWTK reunion. 

Khloe Never Suspected Tristan Cheated on Her

After a shocking realization that Tristan Thompson was unfaithful only days before giving birth to True, Khloe can put the past behind her to co-parent with her ex. "I don't know, we just really, really became genuine great friends with one another," Khloe said. "It was just this natural progression…I definitely trust him as a friend."

Khloe Doesn’t Hold a Grudge Against Jordyn Woods

Khloe broke her silence on Kylie's best friend Jordyn Woods, who allegedly was involved with Tristan. "I forgive Jordan, or else I would be a prisoner in my life," Khloe admitted. She even encouraged Kylie to bury the hatchet with Jordyn. "I don't care enough to ever hurt my sister," Khloe explained, while revealing that Jordyn never sent her a letter.

Kim Kept It Real About Tristan

Kim was less forgiving than Khloe. "Tristan will always be in our lives one way or another," Kim stated. "Tristan's family. We have to keep it cool, there's a baby involved." Even though Khloe applauded Tristan's growth, Kim preferred to stay focused on True and said that's another reason Tristan is still in their lives after his infidelity.

Khloe Gave an Update on Lamar

Even though Khloe would not go back in time to change their relationship, she still wishes ex Lamar Odom the best. "Our marriage something in a way that there was not a lot of closure," Khloe explained. She really appreciated that Lamar acknowledged he mistreated her during their marriage, and she found validation that she did enough as a wife during his relapse. 

Rob Feels “Guilty” About Blac Chyna’s Lawsuits

Khloe gave an update on Rob Kardashian's current status away from the KUWTK fame. "It was not so much about physical appearance but a lot about how he felt internally about some of the women in his life and how they might have treated him or how he felt they might have used him to get to certain areas and levels and I think that really affected him," Khloe reflected. "I think he's just getting stronger and you have to get heartbroken and you learn from your mistakes."

While Rob "works really hard on himself," Khloe hoped her brother will have a fresh start soon after the Blac Chyna custody lawsuits over Dream. "We never try to bleed that or try to make Rob feel any more guilty," Khloe added.

Rob Has Hooked Up With a Kardashians Pal

Romance rewind: Rob and Malika Haqq?! Kim confirmed that the duo "hooked up a while ago" and even were seeing each other regularly. "They were dating-ish," she spilled.

Khloe Felt Like the “Background” Sister

Khloe has been the target of body shamers for years and she acknowledged that people treat her differently now, post-weight loss. However, her insecurities only found root after KUWTK premiered. "Interestingly enough, I was so confident and secure before the show," Khloe recalled. "I became insecure because of everyone else telling me."

She also witnessed Kourtney and Kim receiving preferential treatment because of their looks. "We did so many photoshoots where they would receive racks and racks of clothes and I was told by so many different stylists, I was given about two or three pieces of clothing but not to worry because I would be in the background anyway," the Good American founder heartbreakingly revealed. "I don't want to people to feel like they have to be a certain size to be accepted."

Khloe Confirmed She Got a Nose Job

No, she hasn't gotten "three face transplants"! The Good American founder did go under the knife for a nose job years ago, though. "Everyone gets so upset like why I don't talk about it," Khloe revealed. "No one's ever asked me."

Does Kendall Have a Type in Dating?

She definitely wants to have a private love life after seeing her sisters' public romances, but Kendall addressed rumors that she has a type.

"No, I don't actually only date basketball players," she joked. "I'm not ashamed that I have a type, and I'm also a genuine basketball fan...I just feel like it's a private matter and not for anybody else to judge or know." NBA player Devin Booker is also officially Kendall's boyfriend! The couple celebrated one year together on June 13.

Kendall Called Out the Kardashian Kurse

"What I don't like about the narrative is that the blame is on us," Kendall clapped back at rumors of a man-eating curse for the family. "The men need to take that responsibility…It's almost, like, offensive." Kim chimed in that Kanye West is "doing pretty well" post-split.

You'll Be Shocked at Kendall’s Second Career Choice

"Honestly, I think I'd probably be in the Olympics or going to the Olympics for horseback riding," Kendall shared. "That was always my dream." She has two horses and still loves the sport!

Kourtney Called Out “Competition” Amongst Sisters

While Kourtney doesn't think her life's calling is selling products on social media, she is passionate about sharing her lifestyle with fans. "It was almost like a competition between like, the race," Kourtney revealed. "Almost like, ‘Well, what are you doing? What are you going to do?'" Kim agreed that they didn't have the "woke moment" that Kourtney doesn't need to market products like she does.

Kendall Slammed Rumors About Her Modeling Career

Now an international supermodel, Kendall called out critics that believed her last name is what opened doors for her. "Of course I had a platform, I never took that for granted, but that almost made my job a little bit harder only because people probably didn't want to hire me because I was on a reality TV show," Kendall recalled. "I took my last name off of my modeling cards." She didn't even allow her family to attend her runway shows while starting out.

Scott Didn’t Shy Away From Talking About Addiction

Scott isn't making excuses for his past "bad behavior" on KUWTK. "I do regret the person that I was for a long time to Kourtney," Scott admitted. "I definitely wouldn't have done these things sober, but it was all wrong."

Scott Isn’t Afraid of His Kids Seeing His Past Onscreen

Scott is instead using his struggle with sobriety to teach his children a valuable life lesson. "I've talked to Mason a little bit about things but not deeply," the Talentless founder revealed. "I don't think any of them have any idea of the struggles that I've had but I plan to tell them because I didn't have that growing up and I want to make sure they hear everything."

Scott’s Substance Abuse Was the Reason Why He and Kourtney Broke Up

Even though Scott was also unfaithful to Kourtney, the Poosh creator called Scott's substance abuse the real "dealbreaker" behind ending their relationship. And no, they have no hooked up since! "People cannot believe that, but we have not," Kourtney promised. "For real!"

Kourtney and Scott Reveal How They Really Feel About Dating Other People

Kourtney and Travis Barker are having a steamy summer romance while Scott and Amelia Hamlin have been going strong. Yet both exes are happy for one another and give each other's relationships their blessing. "I think if you really love somebody, right, you want them to be happy no matter what," Scott told Kourtney.

"Whoever would make him happy, I would give my blessing," Kourtney added.

Does Scott Really Prefer Younger Women?

Let's just say, Scott believes age is only a number. "Everybody gets this wrong, that I look for young girls," he joked. "I don't go out looking for young girls. They happen to be attracted to me because I look young." Scott previously dated Sofia Richie and is currently in a relationship with model Amelia.

Kendall & Kylie Opened Up About “Loss” of Bruce

Kendall and Kylie reflected on the whole family's "transition" after Caitlyn Jenner came out. "I want nothing more than my dad to live out her true self, genuinely," Kylie explained. "But it's a transition, I think."

The two self-proclaimed "daddy's girls" felt what Kendall described as a "loss" while adjusting to getting to know Caitlyn. "I have such a great relationship with my dad. I love my dad," Kylie commented. "Growing up we were super close with my dad, so to mourn that person was hard…Just to say like, 'Hey I'm still here, I'm still the same soul but I don't want to be that person anymore,' was hard, I think, to understand. But now that it's happened and we're here, I think it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be."

Kris Cried in the Shower During Split From Caitlyn

Kris kept it real about how she coped with her divorce from Caitlyn. "When you have kids, these girls being so young, you don't want to share your feelings with everybody because you're so confused," Kris said. "So, you just take a shower and cry in the shower and have a martini and start the next day."

She admitted that she was "so naïve and uneducated" during Caitlyn's journey that she didn't know how to move forward with Caitlyn. "I realized that I was not considering what Caitlyn was really feeling at the time, which is that she wanted to be who she is now since she was four years old," Kris explained.

Now, the exes are on good terms. "We're OK. When I see Caitlyn or talk to Caitlyn, it's nice, it's friendly," Kris concluded. "I think things are really good and I try to keep it that way for my kids."

Kim Admitted to Being "Super Desperate" for Fame

While Kim denied ever calling the paparazzi on herself, she did make the rounds to all the L.A. hotspots back in the day hoping to be seen. "I would stop off at Robertson's, I would stop off at the Ivy to pick up something to go, even if it was some bread to go," Kim joked. "I think I can talk about it because it's so funny. I think people need to be more honest about those moments in life when you're just super desperate and want that." 

Kim's hard work certainly paid off: Kendall and Kylie both admitted that they "can't even remember a time before we were famous."

Would KUWTK Have Been as Successful Without That Sex Tape?

According to Kim, probably not. But she believes that everything happened for a reason. "Luckily, I think that so many years have gone on and so many things have happened that it really erases that," Kim said. "That is something that I have to live with for the rest of my life. That is something that is being held over my head. I try to not live with any regrets, but it's probably the one thing I wish didn't exist. If I could erase any of the stupid things I've done in life, that's probably it and it's more so from being a mom than anything."

Kris Jenner Disapproved of "Famous For Being Famous" Stigma

"I think, if you think about it, we're famous because we have a TV show, just like anyone else would be," momager Kris explained. "We came along at a time when it was the perfect storm."

The Kardashian-Jenners Claimed Their Biggest Haters Were Their Friends

Not everyone wanted to Keep Up With the Kardashians. "Don't you remember having so many haters of our friends?" Kourtney revealed. "Our close friends were such haters and so jealous."

After the hit E! reality series premiered, Kris especially became "alienated" by her friend group. "They really shunned you for a while and then by, like, season three or four, they all now want to be invited to her things," Khloe explained. Kendall was even bullied at school and made fun of for being on TV.

Khloe Regrets Showing Kim & Kourtney's Intense Physical Fight On-Air

The Kardashian-Jenner family aren't just the stars of KUWTK: They're also producers with editing power. Khloe especially regretted showing certain aspects of their private family life onscreen, including the infamous fight between Kourtney and Kim that escalated into a physical altercation. While Kris agreed it was a touchy subject to make public, the family unanimously decided to include it. 

Kris Jenner Revealed Her Easiest and Hardest Child to Manage

Kris, a.k.a. the self-proclaimed "organizer of all the chaos," does have her limits when it comes to being a momager. After "throwing a lot of spaghetti on the walls" to see which career paths for her children would succeed, Kris admitted there is an easiest daughter to manage: Kendall.

Kourtney, on the other hand, is definitely the hardest to work with, according to Kris. "I don't want to do things if it's not something I'm really into doing. So my answer is 'no' to most things, and if it's going to be 'yes,' I want to know everything I'm being asked of," Kourtney explained. And yes, Kris does take a standard manager's 10 percent cut of all their deals. "Our mom is giving us our careers," Khloe added. "It's only fair she gets paid for that."

Does Kris Jenner Really Have a Favorite Child?

Kris' love for her kids isn't tied to how much money they make, despite the jokes from her brood. "I think it first started because Kim was the first one that was having these really lucrative deals and Kourtney and I were more so left to the Dash and the Smooch stores," Khloe recalled. "We knew it was a sensitive topic for my mom. We would almost just, like, do it to screw with her a little bit. Then Kylie came around and we saw there was something there."

Kylie Jenner Shared the Origin of Her Lip Kit Empire

Even though Kylie is humble about her self-made billionaire status, she does have one ex to thank for motivating her to start her lip kits that catapulted her to makeup mogul status. Kylie's first kiss didn't go as planned after her then-love interest commented on her "small" lips. "From then on I felt un-kissable," Kylie heartbreaking revealed. "I had an insecurity because this guy said something to me one time. Then I got an obsession with makeup because I would over-line my lips and it just made me feel confident." Expect a lip kit to be named after him!

Kylie Is "Not Friends" with Ex Tyga

After dating Tyga on and off for close to three years, Kylie gave an update on where things stand between herself and the rapper. "We're not friends, but we're OK," Kylie explained. "If I see him out or if I run into him anywhere, I always wish him well. I have no bad feelings to him."

Kylie Opened Up About Hiding Her Pregnancy

Kylie famously chose not to share her pregnancy with daughter Stormi Webster on KUWTK. "I shared so much of my life. I was also really young when I got pregnant and it was just a lot for me, personally," Kylie reflected. "I didn't know how I would bring that to the public, too. I think it was just something I needed to go through by myself." 

Khloe added that Kylie's pregnancy was "very joyous in our private life," while Kendall called Kylie's secret "the greatest decision" she had ever made.

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