Lori Loughlin Joins Full House Co-Star Bob Saget in Star-Studded Graduation Surprise Video

One TikTok user received the ultimate graduation surprise courtesy of her dad: a star-studded video featuring Lori Loughlin, Bob Saget and more celebs wishing her congratulations on her achievement.

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This epic high school graduation present was one money simply just couldn't buy.
Full House co-stars Lori Loughlin and Bob Saget were among a star-studded ensemble of celebrities that each recorded themselves wishing congratulations to a high school graduate named Faith, whose dad was behind the organization of the precious video.

The very lucky teenager uploaded the sweet clip to TikTok and in the must-see video, Lori—who was released from prison in December following her role in the college admissions scandal—declared, "Congratulations on your big day!" Her former sitcom co-star, Bob, also expressed his own well wishes for the grad, adding, "Wishing you a lot of love and congratulations on graduating from high school."

The two famous actors weren't the only stars taking time out to participate in the festivities. Other celebs including Randall Park, Mark Wahlberg, Kat Dennings, Drake Bell, J.K. Simmons and Jonathan Groff—dressed up as his Hamilton character King George III—also sent their heartfelt congratulations.
Although may would assume Faith's dad was only able to pull this amazing gift off by having a Hollywood connection, that wasn't the case. As the duo explained in a separate video, he simply reached out to a list of publicists and managers working for the stars his daughter adores.

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It sounds like it was a literal approach to the phrase: have your people, call my people.


some of the videos were over a minute long and i was in tears by the end #NightDoneRight #graduationcheck #joshuatbassett #jimmywoo #bestdad #mcu

? original sound - faith.isabelle

"I made a list of all the actors that Faith grew up watching and I emailed them on Thursdays," Faith's dad said. "I think that's what my trick is: emailing people on Thursdays. That's when you get a response from people. And then I do a follow-up email on Fridays and you're good to go."
"He also found all the contact information from LinkedIn," Faith added. "He found producers and publicists and agents and all that jazz. That's how he ended up being able to contact the celebrities. While he was messaging them, he was talking about how I was a big fan and kind of the stuff I went through this year and how I was graduating and his plans."


Reply to @marvelmaegirl The explanation isnt all that crazy but that's what he did! ##NightDoneRight ##thatsmydad ##mcu ##gradutation ##fypforyoupage

? original sound - faith.isabelle

Sounds so simple for such sweet magic, but the fun didn't stop there. The high school grad also explained in a separate TikTok that although some celebrities weren't able to send in a congratulatory video, they opted to send gifts instead.
Some of the presents she received included a handwritten letter from Lin-Manuel Miranda, signed pictures from Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Downey Jr., a signed copy of Matthew McConaughey's book, and tons of merch from Ellen DeGeneres.
Take a look at the star-studded video above!

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