Twilight Director: Rob & Kristen Could Be Dating

The director of the first movie sounds off on the costars' connection

By Cristina Gibson Jun 08, 2009 5:48 PMTags
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Could Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart really be dating? The director of Twilight didn't rule it out at last night's Young Hollywood Awards.

"People love to talk, so let them have fun talking," Catherine Hardwicke said. "I think they have an interesting, wonderful connection, so you know...What does dating mean? I don't know. I couldn't say."

The director was just with them both at the MTV Movie Awards, but didn't join their private postawards dinner at Cecconi's.

Award-recipient Bar Rafaeli was also playing coy about her love life...

The model mentioned she's taking a trip back to Israel soon, but wouldn't divulge if Leonardo DiCaprio would be joining her. 

"My summer plans are I'm going to Israel," the beauty said. "Who I'm going with, only I know!"

While Bar was receiving her Young Hollywood Crossover award from Kellan Lutz, Leo joined the crowd catching the Lakers playoff game downtown at the Staples Center.


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