Terry Bradshaw Has the Best Reaction to Daughter Rachel's Answer on Celebrity Family Feud

By Alyssa Ray Jun 18, 2021 4:00 PMTags

This response did not have Terry Bradshaw shouting, "Good answer!"

In this exclusive clip from the June 20 episode of Celebrity Family Feud, The Bradshaw Bunch patriarch and his family face off against Dee Snider and his crew. And, in typical Family Feud fashion, a cringeworthy answer is teased in the new sneak peek.

At the start of the clip, host Steve Harvey asks Terry's daughter Rachel Bradshaw to "name something about Superman you might make fun of."

Optimistically, Rachel responds, "His mask."

Almost immediately, someone from the audience is heard commenting, "What?!" Understandably, this sends Terry and Steve into a fit of laughter. In fact, the football legend laughs so hard he falls to his knees.

Confused, Rachel asks her loved ones, "Does he wear a mask?"

Unfortunately for Rachel, the whole Bradshaw bunch is laughing too hard to provide clarity. At this point, the popular sports commentator hits his hand three times on the podium.

Terry Bradshaw's Girl Dad Moments

Steve, who is still laughing over the response, adds, "This is when your answer doesn't have a chance, when you give the answer and the audience goes, ‘What?'"

Although red from embarrassment, Rachel takes the awkward moment like a champion, joking, "I literally want to die."


As sisters Erin and Lacey look on, Rachel hides herself behind one of the podiums. This may be the first time that a Celebrity Family Feud preview has given us secondhand embarrassment.

Nonetheless, we respect Rachel for trying.

Watch the scene play out in the exclusive clip above.

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