Jeffree Star is Selling $20 Million Home After “God Awful” Year of Scandal and Mental Health Struggles

Jeffree Star listed his 25,000 sq. ft. home for $20 million after deciding to start the "next chapter" of his life as a full-time Wyomingite. He said he's leaving California and seeking therapy.

By Lindsay Weinberg Jun 15, 2021 10:22 PMTags
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Jeffree Star is moving on from the drama by moving out of California. 

The cosmetics mogul, 35, revealed he is selling his sprawling estate in Hidden Hills, Calif., which features eight bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. The property also includes a 4,700 sq. ft. garage to hold his car collection of Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and Bentleys. E! News confirms he listed the mansion for $20 million.

Instead, he's making his second home in Wyoming his main residence going forward, Jeffree shared in a YouTube video on Tuesday, June 15. 

"It's time to also say goodbye to California for awhile," he wrote in the caption. "I'm selling my giant house in LA, I've donated and sold all my clothes and I'm starting the next chapter of my life."

In his latest video, the influencer acknowledged that he's been going through "many major life changes" lately, ranging from drama within the beauty community and those debunked Kanye West rumors to his breakup with partner Nathan Schwandt and the death of his two beloved dogs. He also suffered a "broken" back after surviving a car accident in Wyoming in April.

Inside Jeffree Star's $14.6 Million Mansion

"It's time to address my mental health and be very transparent," he said. "I've had so many silent personal struggles, public feuds and ALOT of mental trauma. Caused by ME, my past actions and people from my past. I've had TOO MUCH loss and have been slowly healing."

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Jeffree explained he's been going to therapy for the first time since high school. "I'm finally ready to share that 2020 really almost took me out," he continued on camera. "Last summer was one of the only times I've ever contemplated, ‘Should I be alive?' And that was so heavy. What was my purpose?"

As he put it, "I just wanted to share what I was going through and it was god awful," adding, "It came to a point where I really wanted to understand my brain, understand my emotions and get things under control. Why am I lashing out?"

He said a friend gave him a therapist's number, which he stared at for months before making the call. "Once I started going through and processing everything… it was like cracking open a safe," he recalled. "I'm leaving this in the best place... I'm actually in a really great place mentally. I feel like I'm thriving."

The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star alum said he now feels "ready to stop being a single person in a 25,000-square-foot home," noting, "Let a family enjoy this."

"I need to have a new energy," Jeffree explained. "So am I leaving California forever? Of course not. Am I moving to Wyoming as my main residency? Absolutely, I love it out there."

He added "the taxes are beautiful" as well, but overall he's come to realize that "the excess" of luxury in his life "was almost like hoarding in a way."

"It feels so freeing to be able to let go of so much," Jeffree shared.

Last week, the makeup guru gave an exclusive interview with E! News to reflect on his past year of ups and downs. Read it here.