Dr. Dubrow's Latest Botched Surgery Is Not for the Faint of Heart

By Samantha Bergeson Jun 16, 2021 2:00 AMTags
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Ready to put the past behind her...but it's a full court press for the Botched doctors! 

On tonight's June 15 episode, doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow treat Takeema, a patient who was left with a basketball-sized dented derrière after getting a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift in Mexico. "I feel like I'm pulling a trailer behind me," Tekeema explained of her supersized buttock implants. 

Her behind was so misshapen that Takeema's friends called her cheeks "dunk'em, since they look like an uneven pair of giant basketballs."

Takeema hoped Dr. Dubrow could replace her booty implants with fat from her thighs or arms, but Dubrow was adamant that there was another option. "The problem is you have this giant pocket," he noted during the consultation. "You can't just throw fat into a pocket."

Instead, Dubrow suggested removing the implants, re-crafting Takeema's bottom by rotating the fat down and tightening the skin with a buttock lift. He warned, "We can do the best we can knowing that it may be really disappointing."

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Takeema was anticipating the worst: "This is the conversation I've been fearing all along, but I'm really hopeful Dr. Dubrow has some tricks up his sleeve," she added. "I still want some biscuits and not a pancake." 

It seemed a flat behind was the scariest outcome for Takeema undergoing surgery again. "I pray that God is going to guide your hands," Takeema told Dr. Dubrow before being numbed. "It's going to be a good thing." 


Dr. Dubrow started by making an incision along Takeema's upper buttock to remove her implants, the bringing fat down to create volume before doing her butt lift. Dubrow also removed the dent on Takeema's left cheek to "create a better appearing contour on the left." But there were plenty of surprises once Dubrow went to start on Takeema's butt. 

"It's not very often we see things we've never seen before," Dubrow explained when Takeema's behind started gushing puss. To Dubrow, it was a "rush of yellow fluid" that could have been the result of Takeema's previous surgeon trying to craft a Brazilian butt lift on top of the implants.

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Post-surgery, Takeema wasn't too pleased at first. "It definitely has a different look," she said in dismay. "If you see it with my leggings on, it looks different. I'm definitely worried that what happened in Mexico may have destroyed my backside forever. Am I really going to have to live with a flapjack?" 

Both doctors Nassif and Dubrow didn't see what Takeema saw: In fact, her behind looked just fine! Dubrow assured Yakeema that her natural projection will kick in after recovery.

Sure enough, Takeema is happier than ever with her well-shaped (albeit smaller) rear end. "My butt is so natural and normal and it moves and it shakes," she said with a smile. "I feel confident about myself." To Takeema, it was "destiny" for Dubrow to be the surgeon to fix her "dunk'em" butt.

"Dr. Dubrow is the dunk'em MVP of surgery," Takeema concluded.


The Botched doctors also operated on Yesenia whose nose was permanently crushed after undergoing past surgeries to fix a "parrot" beak. Dr. Nassif even found an admirer in "plastic fantastic sugar baby" Hurricane Garrett, whose $2,000 per month addiction to lip injections was creating nerve damage.

"I can't perform my sugar baby services," he cried about losing sensation in his lips. Hurricane Garrett even said that Dr. Nassif was just his sugar daddy type!

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