See Post Malone's $1.6 Million New Smile Complete With, Um, Diamond Fangs

Sure, people get veneers, but have you ever seen someone with diamond fangs? Say hello to Post Malone's truly unique smile. For all the details on his transformation from the pros behind it, read on.

By Samantha Schnurr Jun 14, 2021 9:07 PMTags
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With teeth like these, Post Malone must really be feeling like a rockstar these days. After all, he has a dozen carats worth of diamond in his smile. 

On Monday, June 14, Dr. Thomas Connelly (or as his Instagram bio proclaims, "The Father of Diamond Dentistry") unveiled his finished work on his Grammy-nominated client: Porcelain veneers topped off with two ...diamond fangs. "This is the first time I've ever done something of this magnitude," Connelly told E! News. "I've done little diamonds here and there that have been inlaid inside a veneer, but this is the entire tooth."

We already know what you're thinking: Can he chew with those in? "These are meant to stay in and they function," the dentist assured. "They're not going anywhere."

If you're suddenly thinking your smile could use a bit more shine, prepare to pay up: According to Connelly, the entire reconstruction cost $1.6 million. As Samuel Tack of Angel City Jewelers confirmed to E! News, "They come out to a total of around 12 carats for the pair. Let's just say Posty has a million dollar smile." 

And they're not just any diamond. "These are D flawless diamonds and they hit everywhere in the room," Connelly noted. "It sparkles like you've never seen."

If the 25-year-old singer wasn't already in an elite club, he certainly is now. "We have made standard grillz, cut diamonds and made bezels to be set in teeth, but to my knowledge," Tack said, "no one has ever made a full diamond tooth for an implant before."

Post Malone's Most Daring Looks

Any fan of Malone's knows he's no stranger to rocking grillz, but his new cosmetics take dental accessories to such a level, he's apparently already started a new trend. 

"It took us a long time to figure out how to engineer it so that it not only looked good when the light hit it, but that it functioned," Connellly said. "A lot of trial and error, but we figured it out and here you go...We've got a lineup of people that have now inquired. We're talking dozens." 

But there's only one Post Malone. "It's him. It is Post Malone. It is exactly who he is," Connelly said of the newly unveiled work. "I think the canines being a little fangy is right up his alley."

—Reporting by Beth Sobol