See Carson Kressley Give Queer Eye's Jai Rodriguez a Stunning 40th Birthday Makeover

By Samantha Bergeson Jun 15, 2021 4:00 PMTags
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In the catchy words of Carson Kressley, "Cinder-fella" has arrived! 

This week's highly anticipated Reunion Road Trip episode on June 17 reunites the original cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to celebrate star Jai Rodriguez's 40th birthday. An exclusive sneak peek shows fan favorite Carson Kressley gifting Jai what he believes to be the perfect present: A makeover!

With co-stars Kyan Douglas and Thom Filicia looking on, Carson selects different staple pieces for Jai to update his wardrobe. "Seeing all the fun, amazing, celebrator, very spirited clothes that Jai has and then trying to steer him into the 40-year-old version of what a guy his age would probably look best in," Carson sums up his gift. 

Yet Jai is a little skeptical about letting Carson takeover the makeover: "I always feel like I'm trying to be the furthest away from what Carson would organically want to put me in because I'm the younger brother," he confesses to the camera. "That's like my form of rebellion."

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Carson adds accessories, explains the importance of having a "wow piece" and then gives a life lesson to all the viewers at home watching. "Every 40-year-old should have a good belt, a good watch and good shoes," Carson explains. 

For Jai, that means patent leather dress shoes, a sleek belt and a stunning gold watch. 

"Everybody needs a good watch," Carson adds as Jai opens the gorgeous gift. 


Pleased with his work, Carson takes a step back to look at Jai's new outfit: "It's like Cinder-fella!" 

"So Carson's way of showing that he cares is doing what he does best: by styling someone," Jai tells the camera with a smile. "I think when we first started doing Queer Eye and people didn't get to meet Carson personally, they deemed him 'bitchy' which is honestly the furthest thing from the truth. Unless you ask the crew, and then, I don't know."

Co-star Ted Allen also joins the fun remotely via video chat and approves of the cast's charcuterie board for Jai's b-day bash. "I think we put the cute-rie back in charcuterie," Carson laughs as the Chopped host sighs.

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Plus, Jai has plenty of birthday party surprises including his closest friends and even Queer Eye director Becky Smith. "With my guys, you never know what to expect," Jai jokes of the guest list. 

The reunion with Becky was especially sweet for Jai. "Becky is special to me because at the beginning of the show, I was struggling finding my way and as one of the original directors, she really empowered me to find my voice," Jai reflects. 

Check out the sweet clips here and be sure to tune in for the hilarious episode!