Tan France is Leaning on Gigi Hadid For Baby Advice And Shares “Ludicrous” Parenting Choice He’s Avoiding

Tan France received some "invaluable" parenting tips from Gigi Hadid, he told E! News. But despite his love of fashion, the Yasso ambassador said his baby won't wear designer clothes for one reason.

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There's no need for parenting books when you've got Gigi Hadid on speed dial. 

Tan France already knows he'll be leaning on the new mom when he welcomes his first son with husband Rob later this year. In April, Tan announced the couple is expecting via surrogate, while the model gave birth to Khai last September.

The Queer Eye star, 38, reveals he's been lucky enough to get stellar parenting advice from Gigi, sharing exclusively with E! News, "Even though it sounds ridiculous to say, when the baby comes, my go-tos will be the likes of Gigi" and more A-listers who recently became parents.

He explains, "We're all going through the baby process at the same time, so we've all been in touch about it. So, anyone who is literally going through that process right now is invaluable to me." 

In fact, Gigi was the first one to send him a baby care package a few weeks after they found out they were expecting. "She sent me many things that she thinks I would love," he gushes. "After she had her baby, she learned that these things are essential. So, things like that are really valuable to be. It's not necessarily I need or want fancy things; I just like practical things to make my life a little bit easier and to make life a little bit more comfortable."

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The fashion icon is, of course, also getting tips from family members during this magical time.

"The thing that my family keeps saying [is] ignore [that] everybody is going to have an opinion. You're never going to please everybody," he continues. "And basically, my family keeps reminding me, 'Just tune out the noise. This is your baby. Yes, that might work for somebody else, but ignore what they're saying.'" 

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Despite his mom squad and family guidance, Tan jokes that he and Rob are "completely unprepared!" He says the couple is not like other celebs that turn their pregnancies into a "production" with a baby shower, baby moon and nursery extravaganza. "We're not like that. We have the essentials," the Netflix star explains. "People have been doing this for centuries without all the fancy s--t we have these days, and so we feel like we're gonna be OK."

He adds that they are "not the kind of people" who are into buying "fancy" clothes for kids, saying, "We just think it makes no sense. I am actually trying to make a point... You see these people in my world who will put their kids in Gucci, Fendi, Prada, beautiful brands that I love so much, but when you put a baby in it, it makes no sense."

From his (expert) perspective, "It's an elaborate outfit that's going to take ages to undo when you're changing their diaper. Why are you making life so hard for yourself? Put them in a onesie and change their diaper in a heartbeat. It just is ludicrous!" 

Tan emphasizes that "babies are gorgeous without all the foo foo fluff," so he'll only start dressing his son in designer duds once he starts to walk. 

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Though he doesn't have a baby registry, there is one thing he definitely does need as a new dad... The best late night snacks! That's why he recently partnered with Greek frozen yogurt brand Yasso—because he likes to "constantly eat," he says, noting that the Sea Salt Caramel Poppables are his favorite and make him feel "really good about my life."

"I eat a lot at night, quite honestly. I don't eat many meals throughout the day. I will have sometimes breakfast, always lunch, and then not very often dinner. I'm just not a big eater, so snacks are my go-to," the Next in Fashion host shares.

He adds, "It's nice to have something at night that I can just say, 'OK, it's only 60 calories, I'll hit that.' And I can get four or five and not feel bad about it."

When it comes to his emotional health, Tan has noticed he's become more sensitive since finding out they're going to have a baby. He explains, "I'm just not a crier. I'm very English. We have stiff upper lips. We don't show our emotions." However, "the first day we heard his heartbeat, I cried so much and I've cried pretty much every day since."

He's only shed a tear on Queer Eye twice before, but as they've been filming over the last two months, he says he's cried "literally every day" on set. "I've become an absolute mess. I don't know what happened. I do not know what the f--k happened and I can't switch it off," he jokes. "I keep telling myself, 'Come on Tan, get a f--king grip.' But I can't! It has just turned me into such an emotional person."


But it's not discouraging him. Tan's already thinking ahead to having one or two more kids.

"We're hoping that we'll have a second one quite soon also, and a third. We already know what they're going to be called," he reveals. "Our preference would be that we have a mix of boys and girls, but we've not been selecting the sex. We're letting go and let whatever happens, happens, whichever embryos are the strongest."

For now, he's looking forward to having his little boy in his arms.

Tan reflects, "Honestly, I just want to hold him as much as possible. I am obsessed with babies... I just want that moment when we leave the hospital, we're leaving the hospital and I look back, and I see my baby in the car as we're driving. That, for me, is the moment I know my life will feel like it completely changed."