Why Ciara Knew Russell Wilson Would Make the Best Father After Just 5 Minutes

In an exclusive interview with E! News before Father's Day, Ciara and Russell Wilson also shared why faith and giving back is a part of their journey as parents.

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You never forget a good first impression.

It's been almost five years since Russell Wilson and Ciara exchanged vows and started their lives together as husband and wife. But as their special wedding anniversary approaches this July, the couple still remembers their first encounter together that proves you can find love at first sight.

"I would say the first five minutes I met C, I knew she was going to be my wife and I also knew she was going to be a great mom and I think that she's everything that you'd want her to be in terms of being so caring," Russell exclusively shared with E! News. "She doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. She wants to be around the kids as much as possible and teach them the way she knows how to."

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback continued, "I think the best thing is she loves with a full heart every day. Being around her for five minutes, I knew. I knew in that moment she was everything I ever wanted." 

But wait a second! With Father's Day approaching this weekend, isn't it time for the dads to be celebrated? As the couple teamed up to partner with All Good Diapers, Ciara admitted to having the same reaction minutes into meeting the NFL player.

Ciara & Russell Wilson's Cutest Pics

"I also knew in the same moment—in the same five minutes," she told E! News. "I can say after the first time of being around each other, I knew he was going to be everything that I could have hoped for and dreamed of, just to be honest, and especially in the case of raising kids. I knew he was going to be a person that would be capable of it all. A man who would be capable of it all."

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Today, the couple is busier than ever raising 4-year-old daughter Sienna and 10-month-old son Win. Ciara is also a proud mom to her 7-year-old son Future Zahir, who she shares with ex Future.

While Ciara is a Grammy winning singer and Russell is one of NFL's most recognizable faces, both parents find joy in life's little moments with their family.

"For me, I love when I see Russell come home from a long day of football and jump right in for story time or jump right in for bath time," Ciara gushed. "Just knowing that he's always going to be there is always the best feeling and I know that the one thing about him is he's always going to be dedicated and committed to our family and our little ones and it's the sweetest thing to see."

Ciara & Russell Wilson's Cutest Family Moments

As for Russell, he loves joining Future Jr.'s cheering squad at his youth football games. As he explained to E! News, "Sienna and even Win get so excited. When Sienna screams when Future scores a touchdown, Win starts screaming. Ciara is screaming, too. I think those moments are the best. Those are the times I cherish."

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Throughout their journey as parents, Ciara and Russell have used their faith to help their kids feel loved and valued. According to the "I Bet" singer, it's a foundational tool that you can stand on through good and challenging times.

"In the bible it says, ‘Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains' and so I just hope that whenever they have challenges or are maybe in doubt, they are able to dig deep and find that inner faith and know that that will allow them to prevail," Ciara explained. "The world can turn you all over the place so you have to have something to stand on, to have something that's true and solid and I pray that our kids will be able to have that and understand how powerful and meaningful that is for their lives." 

Russell added, "One of our favorite scriptures is ‘faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love' and hopefully, we can give them as much love and demonstrate that daily for them."


Ultimately, the Super Bowl champion will feel a whole lot of love when Father's Day arrives. Whether the day takes him to Disneyland, a sporting event or a surprise location, the Good Man Brand co-founder simply hopes for quality time together and lots of laughs.

Ciara and Russell are also focused on serving others and giving back to those less fortunate. This Father's Day, the pair teamed up with All Good Diapers to help families in need. In fact, for every box of All Good Diapers purchased at Walmart, a day's worth of diapers is donated to a family in need through Feeding America.

"The ultimate goal is to donate 10 million diapers by the end of this year, which I'm excited about," Ciara shared. "We kind of grew up with a serving attitude. Our humble beginnings inspired us. When we came together in each other's lives, we shared a vision and goal to impact and make a difference in this world. That's always been a big part of who we are."

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