Morgan Stewart Reveals Thyroid Disorder Diagnosis & Scary Symptoms

By Samantha Bergeson Jun 09, 2021 7:37 PMTags
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Morgan Stewart is opening up about her postpartum health scares—and urging new moms to get checked.

The co-host of E! News' Daily Pop took to Instagram Stories today to open up about her ongoing ailments. "Another example of everything seeming wonderful on Instagram and the reality being the total opposite," Morgan wrote on June 9.

Since giving birth to daughter Row on Feb. 16, Morgan admitted to suffering from dizziness and tense pain. "It was as if somebody had been instructed to make a tiny home behind my eye so that they could constantly push on it," she revealed, explaining she's felt "completely off" for the last nine weeks. "I felt like I had become very small in my own body and was no longer in control of it." 

By May 21, Morgan experienced temporary loss of movement in her right arm before slurring her words. "I was no longer speaking proper English or able to communicate efficiently," the Necessary Realness host captioned. "I was just lost in panic and uncertainty." 

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Morgan was "stuck in this mud of anxiety" during a trip to Napa and sought medical treatment before returning to work. Morgan eventually was diagnosed with a thyrotoxic thyroid, or as Morgan put it, "so off the charts in overdrive, it's basically in outer space." 

Her symptoms can be due to one of three issues: a nodule on the thyroid, Graves' disease or sub-acute thyroiditis—all of which could have been triggered by her pregnancy.


"This is why I have been home the past week," Morgan concluded. "I've had to rest and manage my stress levels/try to get back to normal." She will know soon what the cause of the thyroid ailments is, but Graves' disease has since been ruled out. 

"In keeping with being totally transparent, I have had to take a .25 Xanax to function through out the day," Morgan admitted. "I had told my therapist a few weeks ago before any real symptoms started to pop out 'that I just feel like I'm getting crazier.' Luckily, I'm not." 

Morgan ended with advice to all new moms out there: "If you're feeling off please don't wait as long as I did to get things checked out."