Owen Wilson Sets the Record Straight on Wedding Crashers Sequel Rumors

Owen Wilson revealed the progress behind a sequel to Wedding Crashers after reports surfaced that the cast would begin filming for HBO Max this summer. Scroll on to see what he had to say.

By Kisha Forde Jun 08, 2021 12:30 PMTags
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It looks like we'll have to hold onto our champagne toasts just a little longer.

According to Owen Wilson, he and Vince Vaughn aren't crashing another wedding this summer after all. Although earlier reports stated that the talented team of Wilson, Vaughn, Isla Fisher and Rachel McAdams have all signed on to begin filming a sequel to the 2005 hit comedy, Wedding Crashers, for HBO Max sometime this summer, Wilson revealed to Variety that the progress behind the second film is still in the stages of early planning.
The Loki star shared, "Some people are saying that you guys are going to be going in August, and that's not right."
The 52-year-old actor also added that although director David Dobkin "has been working on something," and that he has been "talking with Vince"—progress on the anticipated film does not go much farther than that at the moment.

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"If we all agree that we have a good idea, then we're trying to make something good," Wilson confirmed. "But it's sort of figuring out what that idea would be and if we think we could do something worthwhile."
Vaughn—who of course, appeared side-by-side with Wilson in the rom-com—recently echoed his co-star's sentiment about a prospective sequel.

"It's funny, just recently, we've been seriously discussing a sequel to [Wedding] Crashers," Vaughn shared with Yahoo Entertainment on June 7. "Owen, myself and the director—it was an idea that was a good idea that we're actually, for the first time—there's kind of an original thought."
Some fans might be just a tad bit disappointed in hearing the recent development news since just a few years back, a few stars from the original film confirmed the sequel was already in the works.

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In 2016, Fisher—whose character ended up marrying Vaughn's character at the original movie's end—previously revealed in an interview on the Today show that Vaughn told her there was "talk of a sequel" already in place.
Also, as early as in 2014, the director of Wedding Crashers wrote a post online revealing that there was already an idea of a sequel floating around between himself and the two main stars at one point.

"Wedding Crashers came out at a time when people weren't doing lots of sequels," Dobkin wrote. "We did come up with a great take. Vince, Owen and myself sat around at Owen's house one day and broke the story. It was really, really funny. We wanted Daniel Craig to be the ultimate wedding crasher, with his sexy body and his speedo, and the two guys would be incredibly threatened by him. He was like the next generation terminator of wedding crashing."
Although it's probably safe to say that the plot might have changed since then, it does sound like progress is on the horizon, so count on us to be present for this renewal of vows!