Why Feel Good Is Purposely Ending After Two Seasons

By Alyssa Ray Jun 06, 2021 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Lisa Kudrow & Mae Martin Talk "Feel Good" Ending Exclusive

We aren't feeling good after this TV update.

In an exclusive chat with E! News' Daily Pop co-host Lilliana Vazquez, Feel Good star and co-creator Mae Martin made it clear that the Netflix dramedy's second season will be its last. However, as Lilliana noted to Mae, the show has become "so loved" and a "global phenomenon." So, why end the series now?

"My co-writer Joe Hampson is very principled about—I think it's a very British thing as well to do short series, and then walk away," Mae explained. "The British Office, I think, is two seasons and so, yeah, he's quite strict."

As for Mae? The Canadian-born comedian was open "to do like weird Christmas specials and movies." Still, Mae ultimately agreed with their writing partner. They added, "It's really nice to just leave it as it is too and walk away."

Not what we wanted to hear, but we'll take it.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Feel Good follows the modern love story of George (Charlotte Ritchie) and Mae (played by, of course, Mae) as they navigate sexual identity, gender identity, addiction and more. It's safe to say if you loved shows like Fleabag or This Way Up, you'll quickly take to Feel Good. We know we did!

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Lisa Kudrow, who plays Mae's mom on the series and joined the comedian for the Daily Pop interview, called Feel Good a "really fulfilling" experience. "I read all the scripts and said, 'Yes! No, I have to do this," the Friends actress revealed. "For sure, I have to do this. I'll figure out who I am playing later."

As she continued, Lisa expressed how impressed she was with Mae. "I looked up Mae and was just blown away by Mae Martin," the sitcom legend relayed. "It's really appealing and accessible, and you fall in love as well as being really smart and funny. It's all there."

And just when we thought Lisa couldn't gush more, she declared that "everyone has to know Mae Martin." That's some seriously high praise!

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Mae, who identifies as non-binary and used parts of their life as inspiration for the show, admitted to having nerves ahead of the series' latest premiere.

"Yeah, it's so personal," they concluded. "It makes it quite scary in the days leading up to it coming out. But, I think I just want people to relate to the characters and the central couple, and I guess the show is really about human connection and people who are sort of searching for that or lacking that in some way. So, I hope after the year we've had people find it kind of heart-warming and interesting."

For all of this and more, including Lisa's insight on her character, watch the exclusive interview above.

Feel Good is available to stream on Netflix.