Tahj Mowry Reveals a Smart Guy Reboot May Come Sooner Than You Think

Tahj Mowry confirmed the exciting news that a Smart Guy reboot is currently in the works! Scroll on for more details on the soon-to-be new show.

By Kisha Forde Jun 04, 2021 6:32 PMTags
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Tahj Mowry has confirmed we'll be heading back to Piedmont High.
The 35-year-old actor recently appeared on the Los Angeles-based show, KTLA 5 Morning News and since reboots are still very on trend, the Smart Guy star was naturally asked when we could possibly see an updated version of the classic ‘90s sitcom he starred in as a kid.
"We are working, we're working really hard on it," Tahj revealed. "Fans just [we] gotta be patient—good things take time. We do have a possible home for it. We have a writer for it, so I've been working hard all quarantine—all these zoom meetings and talking to the big wigs. So, we're gonna get it done."
Yes, you read that right. Although Tahj, the younger brother of twins Tia and Tamera Mowry, obviously won't play the small smart guy that we've come to know and love, it sounds like he will definitely be a part of the new installment.

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The Kim Possible voice actor was only 9 years old when he landed the role of T.J. Henderson on The WB sitcom—a 10-year-old child prodigy who was smart enough to attend high school with his siblings. And though the series ended in 1999 after three seasons, he has plenty of fond memories to look back on. 

"I remember a lot of it," Tahj recalled. "I remember being on set, you know, being tutored. I remember the effect that it did have on people then, but even more so now, and it's cool to look back."
Not only did the popular show help launch Tahj's career, but also featured a star-studded cast including Jason Weaver, Essence Atkins, John Marshall Jones and Omar Gooding.

Although there hasn't been any word yet on who else will join Tahj for the reboot of the hit show, we're just glad we'll get another possible version of a tiny comedic genius trying to adult as much as he can.
Fun fact: Tahj literally bumped into his now brother-in-law, Cory Hardict during a scene on the show. Watch the interview here to see!