Celebrate Dr. Paul Nassif's Birthday With His Cutest #GirlDad Moments With Daughter Paulina

By Samantha Bergeson Jun 06, 2021 1:00 PMTags
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Dr. Paul Nassif is marking a milestone birthday: It's his first as a #GirlDad! 

The Botched plastic surgeon celebrates his 59th b-day today, June 6, and he'll no doubt will receive plenty of love from the two most important women in his life, wife Brittany Nassif and daughter Paulina. The family welcomed the "angel" baby, named after her father, on Oct. 12, 2020.

Paul recently gushed to E! News in May 2021 that Paulina truly is daddy's little princess. "She'll focus on me, she'll sit there and she'll stare at me smiling and when that happens, my heart just goes, 'Oh my god, I can't believe it!'" he beamed. "I'm so blessed to have a gorgeous little healthy baby girl."

Paulina even is on the verge of being on the move! "She's sitting up, she's clapping a little bit, she loves staring at me," Paul cooed about his only daughter. "I think the next step is going to be crawling."

Dr. Paul Nassif & Brittany Nassif's Love Story

In honor of proud dad Paul's big day, let's take a look back at some of the father-daughter duo's sweetest pics.

Like Father, Like Daughter

"She definitely wears the scrubs better!" Paul captioned an adorable pic in June 2021 of baby Paulina in pink scrubs with "future surgeon" embroidered on the pocket. 

Perfect Baby

Paul and Brittany celebrated baby Paulina's baptism in May 2021. Paul wrote that the ceremony was as "perfect" as Paulina and his son Ryan Nassif is Paulina's godfather. 

Those Baby Blues

Brittany and Paulina snuggle as dad Paul snapped a stunning Mother's Day portrait showcasing Paulina's bright blue eyes. "Happy Mother's Day to all of the incredible moms out there! There is no job more important in the world," Paul captioned in May 2021. "I miss my mom every day, so its really been a blessing to see how incredible of a mother Brittany has been to Baby Paulina." 

Princess Paulina

"The Princess has most definitely arrived...for breakfast that is," Paul quipped in an April 2021 Instagram video. 

Splish Splash

Paul held daughter Paulina up over the water during the tot's first time in a pool. The adorable series of pics were shared in April 2021.

Sunny Smooch

Paul kissed baby Paulina's cheek while on vacation in April 2021.

Poolside Cuties

Paulina had her first time in a pool in April 2021. "She's already protecting her skin beautifully!" loving father Paul joked. 

Paul's Girls

Wife Brittany and daughter Paulina surprised Botched star Paul at work. "Best part of my day? Being whisked away momentarily from work to a private room & getting surprised by my girls!" he captioned the adorable family photo. 

TV Twins

"What most of my nights look like these days and I'm not mad about it one bit," Paul commented in March 2021 as he and baby Paulina had a low key night in. 

Cuddle Buddy

Just a couple of couch potatoes! Paul and daughter Paulina chill on the sofa in February 2021. "Occasionally, #wfh still applies to me on a Sunday," Paul sweetly captioned. "At least I have my cuddle buddy by my side." 

Be My Valentine

Paul and mini-me Paulina posed for a Valentine's Day 2021 pic. "To my beautiful baby girl, thank you for bringing light into our world during such a tough year," Paul wrote. "The love I already have for you can't be measured in words."

Messy Hair, Don't Care

Paulina's hairdo is all over the place as mom Brittany Nassif holds her in an Instagram video. "What do you guys think Baby Paulina will grow up to be??" excited dad Paul wrote in January 2020. "As you can tell, if I had my choice she'd be a golfer or a doctor." 


Paul and Paulina cuddle with skin-to-skin contact as Paul wished his Instagram followers a Merry Christmas in 2020. 

Gerber Baby Goodness

Plastic surgeon Paul took some time off to give Paulina a kiss. "In between virtual consults with my patients, I get to cuddle with my very own, beautiful Gerber baby!" he commented in December 2020.

Quality Time

Paul called spending more time with baby Paulina a "perk of working from home recently" in a December 2020 Instagram post.

Mini Me

Paulina proves she's a doctor in the making with an adorable mini scrubs set. "Who thinks I may have found the next Dr. Nassif?!" Paul shared in December 2020. "Dr. Paulina's first pair of scrubs...Like father, like daughter!" 


"In a year full of so much loss & hardship, a day like today has never been more important," Paul captioned next to baby Paulina on Thanksgiving 2020. "Take a moment and think about what you're thankful for. If you're able to read this, you have something to be thankful for... you're alive! I'm thankful for my family, the new life my wife and I brought into this world, my friends and the support from all of you. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!" 

Baby Girl Nassif

Paulina looked posh in a custom top reading "Baby Girl Nassif" with a heart arrow below. Or as Paul put it in November 2020, " 'Where the heck is my milk?!' "

Catching Zzzz's

Paul took a quick nap break while spending time with Paulina in November 2020. He joked on Instagram, "Paulina: Daddy, it's my nap time! Me: ����." 

Happy Baby

Paulina is all smiles in November 2020. "Who else smiled as soon as they saw this?" proud pop Paul wrote. "This just reminds us that smiling is contagious!"

"Poop" Party

"How it started (pre-poop) vs How it's going (post-poop)," dad Paul joked with two back-to-back pics of Paulina in October 2020.

Swaddled Sweetheart

Paulina dozes off while looking stylish in a pink and orange blanket in October 2020. 

Girl Dad

Paul cradles baby Paulina on his chest in October 2020. 

Sweet Girl

Paul carries picture perfect daughter Paulina in October 2020. 

Cuddle Up
"I finally found someone who loves naps as much as I do," Paul captioned a sweet pic in October 2020. "Who else loves nap time?" 
Newborn Bliss

"Paulina wanted to say a quick hi to everyone and thank you for all the love and support," Dr. Paul Nassif wrote in October 2020, just three days after welcoming his first daughter into the world on Oct. 12.