Dua Lipa Proves She's Having the Last Laugh After Being "Bullied" Online

In a video on her Instagram Story, Dua Lipa shared how being bullied for her dancing online only fueled her to keep it up.

By Kaitlin Reilly Jun 03, 2021 5:13 PMTags
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Dua Lipa "DGAF" what you think about her dancing—the negativity only inspired her to work even harder. 

The "Levitating" artist took to her Instagram Story earlier this week to celebrate the anniversary of her first album, the self-titled Dua Lipa—and tell the haters how much they've inspired her in the process.

Dua, who sported pajamas while she relaxed in bed, said with a laugh in the since-removed Instagram Story, "It's been four years since my debut album has been out, and I'm so grateful for all the incredible opportunities, the amazing people I met, all the incredible lessons that I learnt, touring for like three years, getting bullied online which made me want to dance my arse off and just really get better, so thank you so much."

The 25-year-old Brit continued, "For all things good and bad, for helping me grow. I'm forever grateful and I'm excited for you guys to see what we've got coming up next."

Dua Lipa's Most Daring Looks

Fans may recall that not everyone was impressed with the "New Rules" singer's dance moves. In 2018, a video of Dua performing her and Calvin Harris' track "One Kiss" went viral, with fans pointing out that it featured some pretty lackluster choreography. She told Attitude last November of how the online teasing affected her, "There were so many things, especially when you start out, like a video of me dancing and they're like, 'Ah well, she has no stage presence.' But they'd never been to one of my shows, they'd never seen me perform."

Since then, however, Dua has really wowed critics with her moves. Just one year after the dancing video went viral, she was met with much critical acclaim for her killer performance at the 2019 EMAs.

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In March, Dua proved she really could add triple threat to her resume thanks to her performance with DaBaby at the 2021 Grammys, where she pulled out all the stops in terms of choreography. 

And that's how you clap back at the haters.