Khloe Kardashian Is "Standing By" Tristan Thompson as She Sends Cease and Desist to Paternity Accuser

Khloe Kardashian has sent a cease and desist letter to a woman claiming Tristan Thompson fathered her child, as the reality star and basketball player are "still together," according to a source.

By Cydney Contreras Jun 03, 2021 3:13 AMTags
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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are putting up a united front as the NBA star continues to face rumors about his loyalty.

A source close to the Good American co-founder tells E! News the drama, which has played out on social media in recent weeks, has caused tension between the pair, but insists, "Khloe is not leaving him."

"Khloe obviously gets upset when rumors are spread about Tristan being unfaithful, but the dust has settled a bit and they are still together," the insider shares exclusively, adding that Khloe believes Tristan was "faithful" to her.

The couple, who share 3-year-old daughter True Thompson together, "are still very much a couple and Khloe is standing by Tristan," the source adds. 

Moreover, the source explains the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and Boston Celtics player are still focused on expanding their family so they can have a "sibling for True."

"They are hoping to give True a baby brother, but ultimately want a healthy baby," the insider shares.

But as the pair continue to plan their future together, they're still reckoning with past allegations that Tristan fathered a child with Kimberly Alexander.

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In January 2020, Tristan took a paternity test, which determined he was not the father of Kimberly's son. According to a cease and desist letter sent by Khloe and Tristan in May, and obtained by E! News, Kimberly then requested a second test, and Tristan agreed to do so, so long as the test was performed by an AABB-accredited lab. 


In a statement to E! News at the time, Kimberly claimed she didn't trust the test results because the lab was "Kardashian associated."

"I feel like the whole issue originally stemmed from Tristan not wanting to choose a neutral setting for the DNA testing and using a Kardashian associated DNA Testing facility," she said. "I feel as if you really have nothing to hide then why not just go to a neutral testing site?"

Kimberly continued discussing her claims publicly on social media, which prompted the May 2020 cease and desist letter in which attorney Marty Singer wrote in part, "We demand that you immediately cease and desist from defaming my clients on social media (irrespective of whether or not the accounts are public or designated as 'private') and elsewhere. We also demand that you immediately take down any and all of your outrageous damaging posts about my clients."

Singer went on to file a complaint for libel and demanded a jury trial against Kimberly on Tristan's behalf on May 18, 2020. The case is still ongoing.


Since then, Kimberly has continued to allege Tristan is her son's father. Most recently, she claimed Khloe direct messaged her on Instagram, sharing screengrabs of their alleged communications about Tristan on her platform. 

However, Kimberly later admitted she fabricated the photos, as outlined in a cease and desist letter sent to Kimberly by attorney Kym Goldman on Khloe's behalf and obtained by E! News on June 2. The letter reads, "You put words in her mouth that she never said and that she wouldn't say. You faked the whole thing. And you have now publicly admitted it."

Goldman additionally questioned why Kimberly is "harassing" Khloe when her son "was not conceived during Khloe's and Tristan's relationship."


"Khloé has no involvement in Mr. Thompson's lawsuit," Goldman warned in the cease and desist. "However, she may soon have a defamation lawsuit of her own against you if you fail to immediately cease and desist from defaming her and portraying her in an offensive false light."

E! News reached out to Kimberly for comment but did not hear back.

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