The Vanderpump Dogs Cast Looks Just Pawesome: See the New Pics

Meet the cast starring opposite Lisa Vanderpump in Peacock's Vanderpump Dogs.

By Alyssa Ray Jun 02, 2021 9:29 PMTags
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This pack of professionals is pawesome.

On Wednesday, June 2, Peacock introduced the fabulous cast starring opposite Lisa Vanderpump in the upcoming docuseries, Vanderpump Dogs. The new Vanderpump project, which premieres Wednesday, June 9 on the NBCUniversal streaming service, follows the goings-on of the Overserved host's rescue center.

"Vanderpump Dogs brings fans and pet lovers deeper into Lisa Vanderpump's luxurious life, by chronicling the stories and adoptions that occur at her beloved namesake foundation: Vanderpump Dogs, West Hollywood," the description explained. "The rescue center was founded in 2016 with the goal of reinventing the image of a dog shelter, from a pound to a palace, doing everything the Vanderpump way: they rescue, rehabilitate, primp, and pamper dogs in need of a loving forever home."

While Vanderpump Dogs is most definitely Lisa's passion project and vision, the foundation boasts an impressive team made up of groomers, veterinarians and other specialists.

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And, with the premiere just around the corner, Peacock has offered up a first look at the cast, which includes Dr. Andrew Y. Kushnir, Summer Loftis, Brian Marshall, Patrick Miller-Wren, Madeline Quint and Kendall Young.

So, for a closer look at Lisa and her Vanderpump Dogs team, scroll through the new cast portraits below.

Lisa Vanderpump

The face of Vanderpump Dogs, Lisa is a businesswoman, TV personality, author, philanthropist and a lover of dogs more than people.

Dr. Andrew Y. Kushnir

Vanderpump Dogs' resident doctor who geeks out over veterinary medicine and healthy, happy dogs.

Summer Loftis

As the voice behind Vanderpump Dogs' social media accounts, Summer is the pups' personal paparazzo!

Brian Marshall

As a stylist and groomer, Brian takes the dogs from furry to fabulous, giving them fashionable cuts fit only for a Vanderpump.

Patrick Miller-Wren

Patrick is no ordinary groomer, he's a stylist with a unique flair for out-of-the-box services like specialty cuts and rhinestone paw-dicures! 

Madeline Quint

A dedicated dog trainer with a passion for pups, Madeline teaches the dogs discipline and obedience off-leash with the help of her pup Vita. 

Kendall Young

The jack-of-all-trades, Kendall oversees donor relations, the retail shop and various rescues for Vanderpump Dogs—a little bit of everything.

Don't forget to tune into Vanderpump Dogs next week in order to also meet the foundation's precious pups and the people looking for their furever friends.

Vanderpump Dogs will be available for streaming June 9 on Peacock.

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