Hailey Bieber Responds to Judgmental Comments About Her Faith

Hailey Bieber recently shared her thoughts on dealing with judgmental comments when it comes to her faith, especially on social media. Scroll on to see what the model had to say.

By Kisha Forde Jun 02, 2021 7:31 PMTags
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Hailey Bieber is not here for any critical comments when it comes to her faith.
The 24-year-old star recently uploaded an interview she did with actress Yvonne Orji to her YouTube channel (courtesy of OBB Pictures). The two stars sat down for a conversation about trying to navigate holding onto their religious beliefs while working in the entertainment industry.
Hailey revealed that she often reads comments on social media that she feels can be very judgmental and even come from fans who share the same Christian background as herself.
"I've met Christian people that are just super judgmental and made me feel like I'm a bad person because I don't live my life the way they think I should live my life," she told Yvonne. "And I felt weird about posting certain photos of myself or feeling like, ‘People in the church are gonna see this. Am I doing something wrong? Am I setting a bad example?'"

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But, ultimately, she shuts down these notions, saying, "And the reality is—no."

The model also touched upon faith being the biggest bonding factor when it comes to her relationship with husband Justin Bieber.
"They ask me all the time, ‘What would you say is the biggest thing in your relationship? You guys are really happy.' And I'm like, ‘It's our faith.' It's what we believe in. If we didn't have that, we wouldn't even be here. We wouldn't even be together."

Hailey hasn't been shy about crediting the couple's shared faith as a reason for their relationship remaining strong, and even explained that after being in church together, they were able to get back together after breaking up for a brief period when she was 19. In a February 2020 interview with Elle, she told the magazine, "We ended up being at this church conference together in Miami, and it was the first time we'd seen each other in a while."
"I remember we were hanging out and I was like, ‘Listen, I'm really, really happy for us to be friends again. I want us to always be cool and be friends,'" she recalled. "He was like, ‘Yeah, here's the thing: We're not going to be friends.' And I was like, ‘Oh. Is that so?'"


"Being able to share that with each other—to have that bond of faith and spirituality—is so [critical] for us," she continued. "It's the most important part of our relationship, following Jesus together, being a part of the church community together. It's everything," she explained.
But, as Hailey admitted to Yvonne, she still finds the balance between holding onto her faith and being in show business to be pretty tough. She shared, "Being in this industry and believing in what we believe in can be hard sometimes."