David Duchovny Wises Up and Shuts Up

The "sex addict" keeps mum on his marriage. Is he taking it seriously?

By Ted Casablanca Jun 04, 2009 10:34 PMTags

After totally ignoring a fan's desperate plea to divulge more info about his sex addiction, David Duchovny went on location to the restaurant Ago while filming Californication. He then refused to answer one damn query about renewing his marriage vows. Not even a response to "Are you excited?"!

Guess D2 knows he's not that great an actor; he isn't even gonna try to feign some enthusiasm. What the hell's up?

Savvy, that's what up.

Looks like the duplicitous dude's finally gotten a clue and shut up. For once, he isn't mouthing off, even in the slightest, misconstrued way. 'Course, Double D only did that when it was convenient for him, the self-serving schmuck—like when he had something to promote. 

When the next season of Californication airs or when he's got a new flick out, you'd better believe he'll start yapping—hopefully in all the wrong ways, too! But maybe he's actually taking that tattered marriage of his seriously this time?

Utterly breathless time will tell, and we'll see if these second nuptials happen. In a town where Sean Penn can treat Robin however he wants and she keeps jumping back and forth back to him, ya never know what to expect.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain