TV Exec: Spencer Is "Everything Wrong With America"

The male half of Speidi inspires ire in just about everyone he meets--even TV big shots!

By Ken Baker, Ted Casablanca Jun 05, 2009 4:33 PMTags
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We tried to contact our official Most Awful Celeb in Hollywood, Spencer Pratt, for his inevitably merde-eating reaction to winning, but the damn dude's stuck in the middle of the friggin' tropics!

Says his rep: "Unfortunately, I have no way to let him know he won this prestigious award. He will gladly give an acceptance once he returns from the jungle."

We can't wait! In fact, why should we wait? S.P. should send us a video from the Costa Rican jungle! He could let Heidi go behind the camera to film him for a change—instead of having her writhe around in front.

Even if we have to stick it out for Speidi's return, it prolly won't be very long...Our readers ain't the only people who think Spencer is all sorts of awful:

The NBC exec in charge of I'm a Celebrity, Paul Telegdy, sent an email to E!'s Ryan Seacrest about Speidi's return to the show:

"They are everything that's wrong with America," Paul spat out. "They are insincere, lazy, entitled and they claim the devil has possessed them."

Please! Spence totally owns up to his awfulness; he'd never let someone else take the credit, even Satan himself.

The exec bashed on: "What they don't realize is that they are now going to be examined and their value system, utterly deconstructed. They are going to spend the night somewhere in isolation and guarded with lots of surprises. These people really are going to bare their souls."

They have souls? Could've fooled us.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain