Zac Efron

Zac Efron, strolling the UCLA campus on a Wednesday night, but he wasn't interested in matriculating.

Zac-poo was making good on his friendship duties and caught an old high school amigo (as in the real kind, not the Disney-musical sort) in the school's production of Anything Goes. Z.E., still a musical theater kid at heart, hung in the back to watch his pal but left immediately after the bows to avoid being noticed.

Uh, got news on that game plan, dude:

Sorry, Zeffy, didn't work!

One lucky student at the Bruin school who's seen the guy out and about in Westwood tells us about something Zac loves more than a good musical: makeup! No, not eyeliner or anything remotely emo, just " keep up appearances," insists our source.

Not just at events, either—out on the street, too! Gotta love a guy manly enough to star in musicals and wear makeup unashamed! Is that why he didn't star in the Footloose remake, because it would have been redundant?

What's next, sharing GF Vanessa Hudgens' clothes?

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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