Jillian Harris, Sasha, The Bachelorette

ABC/Adam Larkey

Jillian Harris fell for Jason Mesnick on The Bachelor, and he turned out to be the biggest reality-show jerk of all time. On Monday night, she sent one of the seemingly nicest guys with the saddest story, Sasha Petrovic, packing. And now the bachelorette has an unemployed bartender, a struggling musician and a tattooed loudmouth, who may or may not have an anger problem, vying for her attention, and she seems to be digging each of them.

When asked this morning if Jillian is attracted to jerks, Sasha said, "I think she's attracted to probably some of the bad boys. 'Cause Wes, she said he's a bad boy, and he's covered in tattoos. Dave's got some tattoos as well. But she's also attracted to guys like Kiptyn and Jake who are like apple-pie all-American guys. I think she's kind of across the board. It's almost maybe like she wants to be attracted more to the nice guys, but she finds herself drawn to almost the, I don't want to say jerks, but the tougher personalities."

But did Sasha turn out to be the biggest jerk of them all? On his first impression of the Canadian cutie, Sasha told reporters...

"When I first met her, walking out of the limo, I was like, eeesh, you know, not really, I would say, my type out of the gate. She's a cute girl, but not that attractive up front. Personality was really nice and sweet, but nice and sweet, that only gets you so far."


Sasha tried to backpedal a bit by adding, "The further and further I got along, and it was the weirdest thing, 'cause at our date, I remember the yellow heels she was wearing. Oh my God, this is one of the first times I really think she's like a knockout. She's beautiful."

Sorry, Sasha, but you sound like a douche bag to us. And this douche bag had plenty to say about the remaining men:

On the Least Likely to Win Her Heart: "[I think I was] someone who was pretty quality throughout and not like, for example, an unemployed bartender." That, of course, is a dig to Robby, the 25-year-old bartender from Texas.

On Juan, the Most Hated Man in the House: "The whole house was against him. It was like instantaneous. Everyone was on it, but David just hates the guy. He's like, 'He's a snake. He's this he's that.' He will bury himself. Everyone thought Juan was a spy, working for the show. He'll kind of alienate himself, and then when he needs to be in the picture, he'll look like he's just one of the guys hanging out when in reality he wasn't doing any of that."

On David's Anger Issues: "His dad had three heart attacks [by age] 50, so it just runs in the family. Some things just bug you. Dave just has a personal mission to almost destroy [Juan] and just make sure he doesn't move forward in the process. Obviously, there are some anger-management issues going on."

On Wes Doing It for the Fame: "Wes is an entertainer; he's a musician. Let's say he's there for the honest reason; he's going to get publicity for his music career anyway. And he knew that coming in. He's a smart guy. I don't think he came on the show just or that reason. But him and his agent, I'm sure, knew that coming on the show was going to be beneficial to him at the end of the day."

On Kiptyn and Ed: "If I had to put money on one guy [to win], it would almost be a coin toss between Kiptyn and probably Ed. I think her and Ed see eye-to-eye; he does have a different sense of humor, a little dryer. And Kiptyn seems like a safe bet. He's an older guy. He lives on the West Coast as well. He's the guy that never does anything bad, but never does anything to differentiate himself."

Which guy do you think Jillian should choose at this point? Who should get the boot next?

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