Why Kate Hudson Thinks It's "Really Shocking" Matthew McConaughey Might Run for Governor of Texas

Rob Lowe asked Kate Hudson if she’d support Matthew McConaughey’s potential run for Texas governor, and she had no clue what he was talking about. Read on for her unfiltered reaction to the news.

By Lindsay Weinberg May 27, 2021 8:34 PMTags
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It's safe to say Matthew McConaughey has not yet approached Kate Hudson about helping him with his possible campaign for governor of Texas

In fact, his How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days co-star hadn't even heard that he was considering a run. That is, until Rob Lowe broke the "shocking" news while they were recording the May 26 episode of his podcast Literally!. 

That means fans can listen to Kate's live, unfiltered and sometimes awkward reaction to learning about Matthew's potential foray into politics. 

Rob kicked it off by saying, "Here's the real question. You've done multiple movies with Matthew McConaughey. He's a national treasure. Are you going to help him with his campaign for governor of Texas if he so decides to run?"

She cleared her throat, and Rob noted, "That was a long pause. Can I just say for the record, that was a very long pause."

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Kate explained, "Sorry, hold on. Let me just take a sip of my [drink]. I have not heard this. This is the first I'm hearing of McConaughey getting into politics." After a pause, she went on, "Let's, OK. So, what would I help? I mean, I guess it depends on what kind of, you know, platform he's running on."

Rob came in to clear things up, saying, "I think he'd be great, by the way. I hope he runs."

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Kate shared her take: "He's a really interesting guy. I, honestly, if he does want to get into politics, I believe that Matthew, you probably wouldn't get a politician who would care as much as he does, you know? I think he's very authentic in how much heart, um, but the governor of Texas is a big job. I mean, is that what we're talking about? The governor of Texas?" 

Rob confirmed "Governor of Texas, baby!" and she responded, "Oh, wow." 

The Parks and Rec alum brought in the humor, joking, "If he doesn't use ‘Alright, alright, alright' as a bumper sticker, then everybody on that staff needs to be fired."

She laughed, admitting, "I think he'd encourage that. But I actually feel like he'd have a real chance." 


Rob brought up the fact that Matthew has polled higher than the incumbent in recent weeks. According to an April article by the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Buyers Club actor is polling ahead of Governor Greg Abbott at 45 percent to 33 percent. 

That's when it seemed to hit Kate that Matthew might actually launch a campaign. "Wait, Rob, sorry, this is really shocking to me," she revealed. "This is how out of it I am." 

Why wasn't she aware of the news? As she explained, "I literally, I choose to put my phone down, you know what I mean? Like, I'm one of those people who, I don't look at things. I turn my news ticker off. So, clearly I've missed this." 

Rob brought her up to speed, saying, "Full disclosure: He's been very vocal about thinking about it and now he is apparently, it's in the news this week, that he's talking to people off the record about it, as one does. And I think he'd be great. But I figured if anybody should be on his kitchen cabinet, it would be you. You know where all the bodies are buried." 

The Knives Out 2 actress replied, "What I love about Matthew is he doesn't really have anything to hide."

The only thing she can think of is his affinity for tequila. "What, some like, a couple too many tequilas, dancing in a bar? How bad can that be?" Kate laughed. "No one's more fun on a couple tequilas, doesn't mean he can't run a state."

The Fabletics co-founder diplomatically added, "I think it's interesting... I don't know enough about it and I don't know enough about the platform he'd be running on." She said that people love him for his honesty and transparency, noting, "He is who he is, through and through."

Matthew teased in March that the governorship is a "true consideration" for him, explaining, "I'm looking into now again, what is my leadership role? I do think I have some things to teach and share."