When Britney Spears and Kevin Federline procreated, undoubtedly several genetic traits would be shared. Inevitably, their kids would share a true love of Cheetos, a passion for Frappuccinos and some serious dance moves.

Jayden James and Sean Preston may only be 2 and 3 years old, respectively, but they're already workin' hard on their skills.

In videos taken during rehearsals for the London leg of Brit's Circus tour and put up on her blog, the mop-topped tots performed their inspired choreography to "Baby, One More Time" and "Toxic." The pair drew applause from the crowd and raves from the critics (mom) the moment they stepped into the (hoola hoop) rings.

As alike as the two boys appear, their styles of movement are considerably varied. Jayden clearly takes inspiration from the martial arts with his rhythmic chopping, while S.P. has more of a street style and undeniably is looking to become a break-dancer, especially with his signature, one-legged Downward Facing Dog move. Even mom was impressed with that one (you can hear her comment in the second "Toxic" clip)!

So You Think You Can Dance's Kasprzak brothers had better watch out! We give the Federline boys a loud, Mary Murphy scream, but we're wondering what Nigel Lythgoe would have to say about them.


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