Drag Race All Stars Announces Premiere Date and Cast for Season 6

Reacquaint yourself with the queens competing for another chance at the crown on Drag Race All Stars 6, premiering June 24 on Paramount+.

By Lauren Piester May 26, 2021 7:17 PMTags
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Get ready to werk!

RuPaul's Drag Race is heading back to the workroom for season six of All Stars, and the queens are all lined up and ready to go. Paramount+ just released not only the cast list, but also a promo and a premiere date for the season, which will arrive later this summer on June 24, with two back-to-back episodes. 

Plus, we now also have a date for the debut season of Queen of the Universe, which is a global singing competition for drag queens that will premiere on December 2. 

All Stars will include a whole bunch of fan faves, including a few queens who are bound to stir up some serious drama on Untucked

"13 All Stars delivers one of the best Drag Race seasons ever!" RuPaul said in a statement. "Don't take my word for it. You've got to stream it to believe it."

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The cast includes queens from all over the series, from seasons two through 11. There are even a couple of All Stars alums who are back for more, like Pandora Boxx and Yara Sofia, who both competed in All Stars one. 

You can watch a season promo below!

Keep up with all the queens hoping for a second (or third) chance at glory by scrolling down. 

A'Keria C. Davenport (Season 11)

All Stars bio: Where is the body? A'Keria C. Davenport IS the body! This bootylicious powerhouse from the Davenport drag dynasty made it to the Top 4 of Season 11, thanks to her bodacious beauty and performing talents. Is it time for this Texas titan to take it all?

Eureka! (Season 9, 10)

All Stars bio: After an early exit from Season 9 due to a knee injury, Eureka! came back with a vengeance, making it to the Top 3 of Season 10. A natural gift for comedy, unstoppable stage presence, and a spot on an award-winning HBO series has primed this Tennessee talent to stake her claim on the Hall of Fame.

Ginger Minj (Season 7, All Stars 2)

All Stars bio: A Drag Race icon, is there anything Ginger Minj can't do? This self-proclaimed glamour toad is a born performer, and one of the quickest wits in drag! Since nearly snatching the crown on Season 7, she's appeared on All Stars 2, and starred in Dolly Parton's film, Dumpling. Can the Minj take the win?

Jan (Season 12)

All Stars bio: New York's singing queen brought voice and vivaciousness to Season 12. And while she ruled the Madonna Rusical challenge, she failed to materialize a win. It's time for this perfectly professional performer to funk it up and make us all feel the Jan-tasy!

Jiggly Caliente (Season 4)

All Stars bio: A beloved queen from Queens who always keeps it 100, Jiggly Caliente brought heart and humor to Season 4. Since then everyone's had eyes on Jiggly, thanks to star turns on Broad City and Pose. May we call her a winner, Baby?

Pandora Boxx (Season 2, All Stars 1)

All Stars bio: One of Drag Race's OG comedy queens, Pandora Boxx slayed the first-ever Snatch Game in Season 2 with a performance that set the standard. ("Raspberries!") She also snatched viewers' hearts as Miss Congeniality, but a bumpy ride on All Stars 1 had this nice girl finishing last. Can this funny lady finally finish first?

Ra'jah O'Hara (Season 11)

All Stars bio: Season 11's salty sister was never afraid to speak her mind—and fans had feelings about it. But this Dallas doll was also known to slay a lip-sync and look fabulous doing it! Now this dancing queen is back with a new attitude and her big, beautiful eyes on the prize.

Scarlet Envy (Season 11)

All Stars bio: The world wants New York's Scarlet Envy and the feeling is mutual. In Season 11, this lanky lady won over audiences with her Southern charm and joyful personality. A proven actress, Scarlet struggled in dancing challenges… Can she step it up enough to prance all the way to the Hall of Fame?

Serena ChaCha (Season 5)

All Stars bio: Fresh out of art school, Serena ChaCha stirred up lots of Untucked drama in Season 5. Officially! She exited early on, but in the years since, Serena's found success with her own wig business, and as a makeup artist. Now she's back to school the queens again—on her way to the Hall of Fame.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache (Season 11)

All Stars bio: Can we get an "amen?" The Reverend Doctor Silky Nutmeg Ganache is back to claim her crown! This charismatic Top 4 finalist from Season 11 fills a room with her exuberance and attitude. Since Drag Race, she launched a YouTube cooking series… Does she have the recipe to win All Stars 6?

Kylie Sonique Love (Season 2)

All Stars bio: This Season 2 glamazon is known for her buxom beauty, her talent for tumbling and for solidifying her status as one of L.A.'s legendary queens. Last seen in the Drag Race Holi-Slay Spectacular, Kylie is ready to show the world she's in it to win it. Everybody say "Love!"

Trinity K. Bonet (Season 6)

All Stars Bio: From the A-T-L, Miss TKB is known for her killer lip-sync skills, including a flawless Beyoncé. A memorable force in Season 6, she brought Ru to tears when she overcame her inner saboteur in the stand-up comedy challenge. Will Trinity get the last laugh by slaying her way into the Hall of Fame?

Yara Sofia (Season 3, All Stars 1)

All Stars Bio: A Season 3 standout, Yara Sofia took her rallying cry of "echa pa'lante" all the way to the Top 4! Known for her quirky humor and free-spirited nature, this beloved Puerto Rican showgirl took home the title of Miss Congeniality—and had a strong showing in All-Stars 1. Is it time for this Vegas-based queen to hit the jackpot?

Drag Race All Stars returns Thursday, June 24 on Paramount+.