Watch Emma Stone Break Down in Tears Over Emma Thompson's Cheeky Cruella Underwear Confession

Emma Stone had tears of joy when co-star Emma Thompson made a confession about the underwear she wore for her Cruella costume. Scroll on to see the hilarious video.

By Kisha Forde May 26, 2021 2:08 PMTags

Emma Thompson's cheeky confession made Cruella co-star Emma Stone laugh until she literally cried.
During a recent interview with the British morning show, Lorraine, Thompson appeared alongside Stone to discuss their new Disney movie, Cruella. The British actress, who plays the character of the Baroness in the movie, confessed the work behind making her gorgeous silhouette appear in the ‘70s style-inspired costumes involved the tightest undergarments imaginable—and didn't hold back on just how uncomfortable the entire thing truly was.
"I mean I don't like underwear—full stop," Thompson shared. "I stopped wearing underwear a longtime ago, it's not my scene. I don't like comfortable underwear—I find comfortable underwear uncomfortable. So, you know, the underwear that was required to turn me into that shape was what can only be described as industrial."
The Academy Award winner candidly continued, "I was saying earlier it's like squeezing a tube of toothpaste in the middle. If you squeeze it hard enough, things will come up and go down and make the shapes."

Emma Stone's Best Looks

The confession was, of course, enough to make Stone laugh until tears of joy emerged from the La La Land star.
The two Emmas teamed up to star in the highly anticipated Disney movie, which is set in London in the 1970s during the punk rock movement. The movie serves as a prequel story of the well-known 101 Dalmatians villain, Cruella De Vil, of which Stone plays the title character.

Thompson, as the Baroness and Cruella's boss, serves as an eventual rival and helps the transformation of the young villain go from her given name of Estella to the Cruella we all know and love—or hate, depending on who you ask of course.
One of the elements some fans are looking forward to seeing in the movie would be the fashion involved and take it from Emma Thompson—the transformation for the costumes was no laughing matter.