Below Deck Med's Season 6 First Look Teases a Single Malia, Hannah's Replacement & Hookups

In this exclusive first look at season six of Below Deck Mediterranean, Captain Sandy and bosun Malia White are back. However, there's a new chief stew in town.

By Alyssa Ray May 27, 2021 7:00 PMTags
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If you thought season five of Below Deck Mediterranean was dramatic, just wait until you watch the new season six trailer.

In E! News' exclusive first look for the upcoming season of Bravo's upstairs-downstairs hit, Captain Sandy Yawn and her crew hit the water in Croatia on mega-yacht Lady Michelle. While this season marks the first without longtime chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier, season six does welcome back Malia White as bosun.

However, this time around, the popular bosun is single and ready to mingle. And, from what we see in the new trailer below, single Malia is a lot of fun. Case in point: Malia is seen twerking, drinking with the crew and more. 

In a confessional, Malia admits, "This is what happens when I'm single."

Of course, Malia isn't the only one to let loose as a new boatmance is teased between crew members. Malia warns her deckhand, "Boat romances, they're dangerous."

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Although, it's not all fun and games for the bosun as she finds herself clashing with mentor Captain Sandy. After not filing an incident report, Malia receives a talking to by Sandy.

"I'm not a chief officer," she defends amid the drama.

"I don't give a f--k," the captain snaps back. "You should've come to me that he was hurt."

As for the yachtie filling Hannah's shoes? The new trailer introduces seasoned yachtie Katie Flood.

"Guess what? I'm your chief stew now," Katie states to the camera. "This is how you'll do it."

Still, in typical Below Deck Med fashion, the chief stew faces push back from her stewardesses. "Right now, I'm pissed off with you," Katie is seen telling stewardess Lexi Wilson.

Yet, as Lexi says to her chief stew, she doesn't care. "I'm like, leaving," she adds before noting on the phone, "Hey, mom. I'm quitting this boat."

And that's only a taste of the drama as the trailer also teases a boat fire, crew fights and a health scare. For all of this and more, watch the action-packed first look above.

Also, be sure to check out the season six cast portraits below.

Captain Sandy Yawn

Voyaging with a new team, Captain Sandy hopes for a return to calmer waters and is determined to hone the leadership skills of her department heads.  

Malia White (Bosun)

Malia White returns as Bosun with even more experience and is excited to manage a new group of deckhands. Newly single, she is ready to let loose and have fun with the crew but after a few mishaps with a green deckhand, she quickly realizes she will have her work cut out for her.

Katie Flood (Chief Stewardess)

With over six years of experience in the yachting industry working on large super yachts and managing seven stews at once, new Chief Stew Katie Flood prides herself on her non-traditional attitude, attention to detail and unparalleled work ethic. A firm believer in equal opportunities, she strives to keep her interior team on an equal footing which does not bode well with her stews. When she clashes with one of her crewmates, she is left to make tough decisions that could impact the entire boat. 

Mathew Shea (Chef)

Previously serving the top one-percenters of the world, Chef Mathew Shea's standards and expectations in the galley set the bar exceedingly high, but after a disastrous first dinner, he is put to the ultimate test to redeem himself in front of the guests and gain the trust back of his fellow yachties.  

Lexi Wilson (Stewardess)

Former Miss Bahamas Lexi Wilson brings her own flair to the interior side and is always one to prioritize service to the guests. When frustrations with the yachties boil over, she finds herself in an unusual place with the group.

Courtney Veale (Stewardess)

Hailing from North Wales with a sunny personality, Courtney Veale brings her immense experience with laundry to the interior side and surprises even herself when given more opportunity in front of the guests. After a wild outing with the group, she is shocked to discover she doesn't remember the biggest moment of the night.  

David Pascoe (Deckhand)

David Pascoe brings his wealth of knowledge to the deck team. When more than one yachtie catches his eye, he juggles work and play, leading to heartbreak.  

Lloyd Spencer (Deckhand)

Previously working as a tour coach driver all around Europe, Lloyd Spencer is determined to prove his skills on super yachts. When pressure starts to build, he finds himself questioning if he has made the right career choice. 

Mzi "Zee" Dempers (Deckhand)

Mzi "Zee" Dempers is excited to learn and follow in his yachtie brothers' footsteps, but will he be able to adapt to the high demands of yachting and win the heart of his fellow yachtie? 

Below Deck Mediterranean premieres Monday, June 28 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Catch up on the first four seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean currently on Peacock with season five being added on June 14. 

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