"Joey's Hand Twin" Thomas Lennon Teases Friends Reunion Surprise

By Samantha Bergeson May 25, 2021 6:05 PMTags


For all you Friends fans, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) will finally be reunited with his "hand twin," played by Thomas Lennon, during the HBO Max reunion special, airing May 27. Lennon exclusively teased what to expect from the highly-anticipated TV event on E! News' Daily Pop.

Co-hosts Justin Sylvester and Christine Quinn first needed to know whether Lennon remembers filming his "Friends in Vegas" episode 22 years ago. "Of course I remember shooting the scene!" Lennon laughed on May 25. "Because at the time, Friends was already the most popular show in the world so it was very intense to go in and be on that set."

Lennon likened it to "going to someone else's Thanksgiving," with the close-knit cast. But somehow Lennon's stint on the series is what he joked he's most known for: "The reason I remember it is because no matter how many movies I've been in, or written, or how many things I've done, the one thing people always come up to me is Joey's hand twin!" Lennon quipped. "I've been in like 100 other movies but not one cares. Just the Friends stuff."

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Lennon even shocked former co-star LeBlanc during the reunion.

"I will say they had me surprise the Friends so it was a really, really surreal experience for me," Lennon teased. "They were trying to see if Matthew could pick his hand twin just by the actual hands." Lennon and a row of other hand models were hidden behind a curtain, before Lennon popped his head out to reveal his identity. 

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He described the moment as a "genuinely strange feeling" to enter the iconic Friends apartment set. "It's the closest to dreaming as you could possibly get," Lennon mused. Of course over the years he's worked with LeBlanc and other former co-stars, earning him the title of "peripheral friends" with the Friends cast. 

Check out the clip above for the scoop on Lennon's return to Reno 9-1-1 and what other projects he has in the works!