Lil Nas X Reveals What Really Happened During His Saturday Night Live Wardrobe Malfunction

After Lil Nas X suffered from a wardrobe malfunction during his Saturday Night Live performance, the musician detailed what happened once he managed to rip his pants. Scroll on for the story.

By Kisha Forde May 25, 2021 12:25 PMTags

Lil Nas X has already declared he will "never trust pants again."
The "Call Me By Your Name" singer made an appearance during the May 24th episode of The Tonight Show and, in addition to sharing details on his upcoming project, Montero, he recalled the breezy moment he first realized his clothing started to—um, lose a few threads—during his recent Saturday Night Live performance.
"So, I was pretty much going down the pole, you know, doing my little sexy drop down," he told host Jimmy Fallon. "And boom—I feel air!"
Slowly but surely, in a split second, the 22-year-old realized his pants were coming undone. "I was like, ‘Okay, there's definitely a breeze going on,'" he continued. "And I also felt some popping still happening when I was down there."
By "down there," the singer is referring to the pole he was dancing on right before the much-talked-about rip happened. Lil Nas X also recalled hoping that his malfunction wouldn't actually be on TV—but then remembered he was on a very live show.

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And although he was able to finish the performance graciously and even laughed the mishap off while on stage, that wasn't the only obstacle surrounding his huge performance.

"One day before the performance, one of the dancers catches COVID right?" he shared. "And then all the dancers have to—we can't seem them anymore. And plus, we can't see the choreographer in person anymore. [...] They're still in their hotel right now."

The musician then gave a shout-out to the background dancers who did perform with him since they had to learn the routine in a matter of 24 hours.

Even though it sounds like almost everything you can think of may have went wrong both before and during his SNL debut, the musician still had an amazing sense of humor about it. He also took to Twitter on May 24th to mention his appearance on The Tonight Show and even joked about his outfit choice relating to his earlier events.
The "Old Town Road" singer wrote, "Stop asking me why I'm wearing a skirt, I will never trust pants again!"

Jimmy Fallon also revealed he was in possession of a dress rehearsal clip featuring the singer's big ending that would've happened—if it were not for his pants.
Watch the interview above to see it!
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