The Bold Type's Aisha Dee & Nikohl Boosheri Tease What's Next for Kat & Adena

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Aisha Dee and Nikohl Boosheri hinted at what's to come for their characters in the final season of The Bold Type.

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Is Kadena end game?

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Aisha Dee and Nikohl Boosheri teased what's to come for the beloved couple in the final season of The Bold Type. While the two characters aren't currently an item on the Freeform hit, the season five trailer certainly teased a possible reunion for Kat and Adena.

So, when we sat down with Aisha and Nikohl to discuss the series' final season we had to ask about their characters' romantic fate. Although the twosome didn't spoil anything, they did assure us that Kadena will be getting closer.

"Where Kat and Adena left off is we start to see this beautiful, creative collaboration and partnership start to develop," Nikohl told E! News. "And we get to see, like, the next chapter of that journey and get to see them both grow into activists."

Per Nikohl, viewers will watch as the on-again, off-again couple "take on causes together" and "maneuver that in a whole new way."

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The actress further teased that "a visitor from Adena's life" will be eye-opening for Kat. Apparently, the social media manager turned podcast host will "get some context into why Adena is maybe the way she is." That definitely sounds promising for the Kadena shippers out there!

Aisha expressed a similar sentiment, saying it was "nice to see them on the same page again, as friends." But before you get too disappointed by this "friends" comment, The Bold Type lead noted that "we don't know where it will go."

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"They just can't seem to stay away from each other," Aisha added. "So, my hope for them has always been that they find some kind of way to coexist and whatever that looks like."

Not to mention, both Aisha and Nikohl envisioned a future where their characters are together. When asked if they'd be open to a Bold Type spinoff, Nikohl quipped that she wanted an Adena centric series.

"Adena's world spans across this globe and she seems to always know the coolest people and the coolest places to be," she said as Aisha smiled in agreement. "And I'd love a little peek into that world—with Kat alongside her."

Oh, we'd tune into that show!

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Be sure to catch the final season of The Bold Type when it premieres Wednesday, May 26 at 10 p.m. on Freeform.

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