Kelly Ripa Says Mark Consuelos Was Paid More on All My Children Even With "No Acting Experience"

Kelly Ripa recently revealed that husband Mark Consuelos was paid more than her while the two co-starred on All My Children and also shared exactly why she thought it happened.

By Kisha Forde May 24, 2021 7:31 PMTags
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Kelly Ripa opened up about her thoughts on the gender pay gap by revealing something that hit pretty close to home.
In a recent interview with Bustle, the daytime talk show host revealed the difference between what she and husband Mark Consuelos made on the exact same show as a striking example.
Kelly recalled learning that Mark—who, as fans may already know, played her co-star when he joined All My Children in 1995 before the two fell in love and eloped in 1996—began making more money than her right away, although their levels of experience in acting were just about the same.
"I watched my husband who had no acting experience when he got his job at All My Children, much the same way I had no acting experience," she shared. "But I got my job in 1990 and I think he got his job in '95. And he was paid more than me immediately. It was immediate. I just couldn't believe how quickly they were willing to pay the man more than the woman."

Kelly Ripa Through the Years

Although history has proven to have worked out on a personal note for the pair who have been married for 25 years—the revelation, according to Kelly, is something that has remained with her since she found out and feels that the same dynamic has continued to play out over the years.

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"It's bothered me ever since," the actress shared. "I've earned everything I've had over the course of 30 years of working for the same company, whereas I think that men still don't have an understanding of how hard women have to work to have the opportunity to say this statement that I'm saying right now."

The former soap opera star's career began with her breakout role as Hayley Vaughn on the ABC soap opera, All My Children in 1990. She played the role for an impressive 12 years before leaving the series in 2002, but stayed with the network to co-host Live! With Regis & Kelly.

Although the mom of three realized she might potentially receive "blowback" about her statement—considering her rising status over the years as a syndicated host—she ultimately wants people to recognize that she has worked to earn her spot.
"People will say, ‘Oh, but she earns such a good living,''' she told Bustle. "Yeah, I do, because I really worked hard for it."