Glee's Coming-Out Episode: "Respectful & Touching"

Chris Colfer and Amber Riley of the Fox musical dramedy dish outings, Kristin Chenoweth's drunken antics and Beyonce songs

By Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna Jun 05, 2009 6:00 PMTags
Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, GleeCarin Baer/FOX

If you saw the pilot episode of Glee, you know that somebody was bound to come out of the closet sometime. Well, we found out that that time will be in episode four, when the musical dramedy starts up for good in September.

We caught up with the Glee's Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel) and Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones) at the Art4Life benefit event at Cinespace in Hollywood this week, and they dished on what is sure to be a hot episode, plus, what songs we'll be hearing in episodes to come...

"Yes, I'm coming out," said Chris. "How it happens is Kurt comes out to Mercedes because he misleads her into believing he likes her. But he doesn't. He only likes her as a friend, and to not hurt her feelings, he has to explain to her, 'Listen, it's not you. It's me. I'm gay.' "

Chris said the scene is "very respectful and very touching. It's not comedic at all. It's very, very real and serious." Amber adds, "It was very tiring. It was very emotional. It was one of my favorite scenes."

Another favorite scene to come, said Chris, is one he shares with Kristin Chenoweth. "Her character gets me drunk. She was amazing to work with," he spilled.

Chris and Amber also dished on some of the upcoming songs we can expect. Amber said, "We may be doing Brandy's 'The Boy Is Mine.' Maybe. And there might be a Dreamgirls song." Chris spilled, "I think we're doing 'Defying Gravity' [from Wicked], [Salt-N-Pepa's] 'Push It,' Usher's 'Confessions' and [Beyoncé's] 'Halo.'"

Can't wait for September for Glee's return? No worries. Amber tells us, "There are supposed to be a lot of sneak peeks they're doing during the summer."

Are you excited for the Glee's return? What songs would you like to hear them sing?