Eddie Cibrian, Brandi Glanville, LeAnn Rimes

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned—and in possession of tabloid-friendly publicist.

Yesterday, Eddie Cibrian's model wife, Brandi Glanville, lashed out at alleged other woman LeAnn Rimes, claiming the country star is obsessed with her hubby and hasn't stopped pursuing the actor since rumors of an alleged fling first broke.

"LeAnn is a stalker," Glanville told Us Weekly. "She refuses to leave us alone—it is shameful and scary.

"People are going to say it takes two to tango, and I get that, but at some point, LeAnn needs to stop asking him to dance."

Cibrian and Rimes shared some steamy scenes in the Lifetime TV movie Northern Lights, but have repeatedly denied any off-screen hanky-panky.

Rimes wasted no time responding to—though not flat-out denying—Glanville's dissing.

"These comments are incredibly defamatory, and while there are always two sides to every story, LeAnn continues to remain above the fray and chooses not to play this out in the press," her publicist, Rhett Usry, told E! News.

Glanville's accusations come about two weeks after Rimes and Cibrian were photographed together in a bar at the Staples Center during the halftime of an L.A. Lakers playoff game.

But Glanville insists that Rimes tracked down Cibrian at the game after he changed his number to end what Glanville calls, "constant texting and calling."

"She's hurting my family and messing with the wrong mom," Glanville said, adding that she believes Rimes was only pursuing her husband, with whom she has two sons, in order to get back into the spotlight—something, incidentally, Glanville and Cibrian have been doing their fair share of recently.

Since the affair whispers (and subsequent denials) began back in March, Cibrian and Rimes have gone to great lengths to be photographed in lovey-dovey poses with their respective spouses.

Rimes and husband, Dean Sheremet, got things off to a flying start, making out in full view of the paparazzi just days into affairgate. Cibrian and Glanville were no slouches, either, feeding each other at a frozen yogurt shop, shopping hand-in-hand and making eyes at each other at Las Vegas envelope club openings, all in recent weeks.


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