John Krasinski Shares the Not-so-Subtle Hint Emily Blunt Dropped After He Gained Weight During Quarantine

John Krasinski admitted to indulging in snacks during quarantine amid his break from Jack Ryan, but wife Emily Blunt eventually had to intervene. Find out what she said.

By Ryan Gajewski May 21, 2021 6:46 AMTags

John Krasinski thought he'd found the breakfast of champions, but wife Emily Blunt wasn't quite on the same page. 

The 41-year-old The Office alum visited The Late Show on Thursday, May 20, where Stephen Colbert noted that the star is currently in great shape to film his Amazon Prime series Jack Ryan. But Stephen sensed John, who shares daughters Hazel, 7, and Violet, 4, with his wife of almost 11 years, may have been less careful with his fitness amid the quarantine

When the host asked John if he lost his chiseled physique during the downtime from filming, the actor replied emphatically, "Oh, yeah." John continued, "There was a moment there where we were still going to shoot, and I said, 'I am totally ready to shoot. We just need to change the name of the show to Fat Ryan. And then, let's do it.'"

As for what became his favorite treat, he said he loved joining his kids for microwave popcorn, until Emily ultimately had to get involved.

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"I got addicted to weird things," the It's Complicated performer admitted. "I was addicted to popcorn. My kids had microwave movie popcorn for something, and they loved it, and then just slowly the time started getting earlier and earlier. And at like 9:00 a.m. at breakfast, I was like, 'Does anybody want popcorn?'"

He continued, "And Emily was like, 'You gotta cool it on the popcorn! You got to stop microwaving popcorn at 9:00 a.m.'" 

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John was on The Late Show to promote his long-delayed horror film A Quiet Place Part II, in which he directed his wife, and the filmmaker couldn't stop singing her praises. 

"The truth is, I think she's the most talented actress we have," John adorably gushed. "I mean, she's just the most unbelievably talented person, but also, more than acting, she's just such an incredible person to have on set. The entire crew, everybody who's around, just loves it much more when she's on set."

Without divulging any spoilers, Stephen teased that a scene toward the end involving children was a clue to the host about how much affection John has for his own kids. Sure enough, the actor was quick to agree. 

"As psychotic as it seems when you look at the poster, these movies are a love letter to my kids," the proud papa shared. "They really are."