Jessica Alba and Cash Warren Recall the Moment Their Daughter Walked In During Sexy Time

In a new episode of Jessica Alba’s YouTube show Getting Honest, the actress looked back on an uncomfortable moment in her parenting journey.

By Mike Vulpo May 20, 2021 10:13 PMTags
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Well, this is a little awkward.

As many parents can relate to, getting some alone time for romance is a bit tricky when raising kids.

But in a new episode of Jessica Alba's YouTube show Getting Honest, the actress recalled a moment where sexy time with husband Cash Warren was interrupted when their 9-year-old daughter Haven accidentally walked in.

"It was the worst," Cash shared in the new episode via People. "We, like, spent five minutes in our bedroom laughing. And being like, 'I can't believe we just ruined our daughter, we just ruined her.'"

According to Jessica, her first thought was to call Cash's sister for some much-needed advice. As the businesswoman explained, "She's so good at helping us through challenges."

And while Jessica may have started "crying" over the whole situation, her husband decided it was best not to ignore the issue and tackle it head on. What came next was a conversation both father and daughter likely won't soon forget.

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"We just have to own this one," the Pair of Thieves co-founder shared. "We can't pretend it didn't happen. I went downstairs and said, 'Haven, I bet that's the last time you walk into our room without knocking.' Now she knocks, it was like she learned her lesson."


During the episode of Getting Honest, special guests Rachel Zoe and her husband Rodger Berman were shocked to hear of the confession.

And while the story may be new to fans, Jessica thinks most of her family already knows about it.

As the Honest Company founder explained, "I think by the time we called [Cash's sister], Haven had already texted her. She went right in and told everyone."

Despite the unforgettable moment, Jessica and Cash love being parents to their three kids including 12-year-old daughter Honor and 3-year-old son Hayes.

"The three of you have given me the gift of hopes, dreams and possibilities," Jessica previously shared on Instagram while posing with her children. "I never knew existed and, most importantly, the courage to fearlessly go after it all. I love u my babies."