Untangling Kourtney Kardashian's Argument With Kim's Nanny

By Alyssa Ray May 21, 2021 1:00 AMTags
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Clearing the air.

In tonight's May 20 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian met with Kim Kardashian to discuss the disagreement she had with the latter's nanny. Per the Poosh founder, she had "a little disagreement" with the nanny during a recent family trip.

However, as Kim highlighted in the new episode, the children's caretaker felt the situation was a bigger deal. "She said that she felt so degraded by you," the SKIMS mogul stated. "And you just started yelling at her. And you said, 'Keep your voice down.'"

Kourtney quickly shot this down as she retorted, "She's lying."

Defending herself, Kourtney revealed that her son Reign Disick confided in her about the nanny's behavior. Specifically, the youngest Disick child claimed that the nanny said he'd "go to jail" if he talked in the car.

Per Kourtney, Reign asked her to confront the nanny about the car comment. Yet, as Kim countered, the conversation "should've been in private." As Kim continued, she revealed the nanny wished Kourtney had just pulled her aside and expressed her issues one-on-one.

In regard to the accusation that Kourtney "yelled" at the nanny, the mother three said there was "not even one percent that I yelled," before adding, "She's the one who raised her voice, which is why I said, 'Lower your voice.'"

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After Kim confirmed that she didn't fire the caretaker, who apparently broke down in tears over the confrontation, Kourtney made it clear how she felt about the woman. "If you think she works for you, that's totally fine," Kourtney said. "She would never work for me with the way she acts. That's totally your choice."

Kourtney then stated that the nanny accused Reign of being a liar, which didn't sit well with the oldest Kardashian sister. "Yeah, she definitely shouldn't have said that," Kim replied. "But she told me that, you know, if you would've tapped her and said, 'Hey, can we not talk about this in a very public restaurant...'"


Frustrated by Kim's stance, Kourtney clarified that no one could hear their conversation. Once more, Kim noted that she would not be firing the nanny. To which Kourtney clapped back, "She will not ever be around my kids."

At this point, Kim accused Kourtney of not being able to keep a nanny. Understandably, this rubbed Kourtney the wrong way. "Kim, shut the f--k up, honestly," she snapped. "The way you're talking is wild."

In a confessional, Kourtney accused Kim of "throwing out random lies" about her staff. She reflected, "I think that was just like, really, really hurtful coming from my sister."

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Thankfully, Khloe Kardashian, who witnessed the tense conversation go down, was able to follow and comfort Kourtney. After Kourtney revealed that she didn't appreciate the negative energy, Khloe advised, "If that's how you feel and have experienced for years, I think it's ok to say that calmly, so someone hears you."

Later in the episode, Kim and Kourtney sat down again to work through their disagreement. "I just wanted to come over and talk to you," Kim noted to her big sister. "I'm sorry for arguing with you and bringing up a whole bunch of other stuff that just didn't have to do with the fight."

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While Kourtney appreciated the apology, she bluntly asked Kim if she was trying to upset her. When Kim confessed to purposefully "pissing [her] off," Kourtney wondered why they act that way sometimes.

"It's like really hurtful," Penelope Disick's mom remarked. "I definitely used to do it more...The tone turns to like, mean. You know? Like, on everyone, not just you."

To the KUWTK camera, Kim shared that she reflected on her spat with Kourtney and took ownership for her part in the unnecessary negativity. "I completely see both sides," she said. "But I think that I could've handled it better. And I feel guilty that I contributed to this negativity."

As for how the family combatted this negativity? Kourtney suggested a negativity jar, which Khloe implemented.

For how it all turned out, watch the recap video above.

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