See 90 Day's Big Ed Brown and Colt Johnson Face Off in Explosive Tell All Preview

The two larger-than-life Discovery+ personalities go head-to-head in a shockingly tense Tell All reunion. Watch E! News' exclusive sneak peek at their wild name-calling.

By Samantha Bergeson May 21, 2021 2:00 PMTags

Gaslighting, body shaming and break-up bets—oh my! 

Part two of the 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All certainly packs a punch as iconic 90 Day Fiancé personalities go head-to-head. In E! News' exclusive sneak peek, Ed "Big Ed" Brown tries to win back ex Liz after trying to flirt with co-star Fernanda Flores' roommate. 

"I know that he loves me," Liz tells the cast. "I'm not saying that that was OK, but he is single right now." 

Colt Johnson's fiancée Vanessa Guerra is calling B.S. "But if he just did something a couple of hours ago, that's not really trying to change," she reasons before turning her attention to Ed. "You're bullsh---ing her." 

Even Colt can't hold back in defending Liz. "You've been wearing the 'Big Ed' mask all day today but I don't think so. I think you want to have sex with her roommate and that's fine, go ahead, have fun. But don't ask Liz to stay and wait for you or something," Colt counters.

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And then things get personal

"OK, dude. Who here wants to do an over and under that you guys won't last six months?" Ed coldly claps back. "I'll put $100. I'll tell you why, because [Colt] has been such a rude, belligerent person all day."

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Let's just say Colt doesn't take this lightly. Aside from the surface level similarities between Big Ed and Colt—both are divorced, have been unfaithful and live with their mothers—the two 90 Day icons couldn't be more different in terms of personalities. 

"Who insulted me? Who body shamed me?" Colt cracks. "Who is constantly passive aggressive? Who constantly gaslights? Yes, I will say Ed is a gaslighter. I can tell it. I can smell it on you. It smells like gasoline." 

Ed just adds more fuel to the fire, calling Colt "crazy" and telling him to seek help. "Something is wrong with you psychologically," Ed snaps. 

Fernanda jumps in to ease the tensions. "You're projecting on other people," she tells Ed. "Be able to take your s––t."

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While Ed is in therapy, he admits he has a "long way to go." 

So will Ed and Liz get back together, or did this show another side of Ed? Watch the shocking clip above and tune in for part two of the 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All on Sunday, May 23 on Discovery+.