You'll Be Surprised to Discover How Mandy Moore Achieved Her Blonde Makeover

She's Rapunzel IRL! Mandy Moore went blonde for the first time in nearly two decades. See her surprisingly affordable hair transformation below and read how she's starting a "new chapter of my life."

By Lindsay Weinberg May 19, 2021 11:53 PMTags
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Mandy Moore looks more like her Princess Diaries character than she has in years. 

As scrunchies and flared pants come back into style, it seems Mandy is also embracing 2000s trends once again! 

The This is Us star, 37, is bringing us all back to the early aughts with her latest 'do, revealing this week that she has returned to blonde. Though she's a natural blonde, this is the lightest her hair has been in more than 15 years.

It goes without saying: Her latest look is basically a time machine that's transported us to her "Candy" days. The first time Mandy truly embraced being a brunette was for her role in 2002's A Walk to Remember, telling Entertainment Weekly in 2017 that the dark dye was "transformative." She added, "For the most part, I haven't gone back since." Until now! 

Mandy turned to her colorist Nikki Lee, the co-owner of the celebrity-favored Nine Zero One Salon, to try a new shade of blonde this week. 

Blonde or Brunette?

The best part? You can get the same color at home, because Nikki used a box dye on the Tangled star's locks! Specifically, she used Garnier Nutrisse Almond Crème 70, which sells for just $9.

Mandy told People of the perfect-for-summer makeover, "I've been longing for some much needed change." The new mom shared, "It really felt like now was the perfect time to do something different, with the world seemingly opening back up again... normal feels like it's really right around the corner."

Jenna Jones

For those wondering how the hairstyle will affect Rebecca, her beloved character on This is Us, the actress had an answer at the ready. She revealed to People that she'll wear a wig for the last season, noting she's "excited" to keep her light hair as long as possible. The hit NBC show is coming to an end after season six

"With this new chapter of my life, it just felt like the right time for a hair change," the Golden Globe nominee continued. "The color feels indicative of how exciting and hopeful people are."

Mandy explained that changing her sense of style has been the "fun part" of her "personal journey as a woman," adding, "I love being able to express myself through fashion and different hair colors and hairstyles. It's just so thrilling to be able to lean into whatever change feels right at any given time."