Tiffany Haddish Weighs In on Those Ellen DeGeneres Replacement Rumors

With Ellen DeGeneres officially ending her talk show with its 19th season, a spot may be opening for a new daytime star. But is it Tiffany Haddish? Read what the fellow comedian had to say.

By Samantha Schnurr May 19, 2021 4:51 PMTags
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If Tiffany Haddish is being considered for Ellen DeGeneres' replacement, the star is still waiting for that call. 

Amid speculation that the Girls Trip alum—who has recently been filling in as a guest host on the daytime talk show—is being considered to take over DeGeneres' spot, Haddish weighed in on the rumors during an appearance on The Breakfast Club

"I haven't commented on it because ain't nobody that give those jobs talk to me about it," she quipped. "The reason I've even been popping up guest hosting Ellen is because she wanted some days off."

While it's possible the fill-in gig could turn into something more permanent, according to Haddish, she's simply trying her hand at a new format. "I'm learning a new skill. That's it," she said. "Y'all just watching me learn in front of everybody."

Haddish noted she has a few more episodes to host, but reiterated she hasn't been clued into any further conversations. "I don't know if that's grooming me to take over because ain't nobody talk to me about that," she repeated. "Ain't nobody said nothing to me about that." Still, the actress confirmed she'd definitely entertain the idea "if I could get what Ellen getting."

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Still, there's time before DeGeneres officially signs off at the end of her 19th season in 2022, which has not yet even premiered. The show is currently in the midst of its 18th season, which kicked off last September. 

Meanwhile, Haddish, who next stars opposite Billy Crystal in Here Today, said she has a few more movies she's contractually obligated to do and six projects coming down the pipeline. 

"I'm in work mode right now," she declared. "I'm in create mode, opportunity mode for others right now."

For more of Haddish's reaction, check out the clip above.