How Addison Rae's Relationship With Ex Bryce Hall Inspired Her New Music

Two months after releasing her single "Obsessed," Addison Rae is teasing an upcoming album. Scroll on to find out what the TikTok star shared in an exclusive interview on E!'s The Rundown.

By Elyse Dupre May 19, 2021 12:50 PMTags
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Addison Rae is dropping some hints about her upcoming album.

Back in March, the 20-year-old TikTok star released her first-ever single "Obsessed." During an interview on The Zane Lowe Show, Addison revealed the song was inspired by a conversation with an ex-boyfriend. And while she didn't name any names, fans took this as confirmation that she and Bryce Hall officially called it quits.

So, will the entire album revolve around this former relationship? "My album is pretty much just going to be experiences that I've gone through or feelings that I've had and just different mindsets that I've kind of been in over the past year," Addison explained to E!'s Erin Lim on The Rundown. "That relationship was such a big part of my life and, you know, that part's past. It's still experiences and memories that are still pretty fresh on my mind, and I feel that's been a lot of inspiration for me."

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But don't expect it to be an album full of breakup ballads. "They're not all just, you know, breakup sad songs—just like 'Obsessed' wasn't. 'Obsessed' wasn't a sad song," Addison continued. "I have a lot of different kinds of songs. And I use that as inspiration, for sure, because it was a really impactful event in my life."

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In fact, the singer said "there's going to be a mix of a ton of things" on the album. "I think it'll surprise people a lot, definitely," Addison added. "My next single that's going to come out hopefully really soon will probably be really surprising for most people. But we have so many different types of songs in the air that it's pretty crazy, and I'm so glad that I've gotten the chance to write on, you know, so many of my own songs and just being able to be really involved in the process. And I think that's the most exciting part for me is just being able to share those experiences and hopefully share them with other people, too."

Addison skyrocketed into fame after joining TikTok in 2019. And today, she's one of the most-followed social media stars on the platform, with 80.5 million TikTok followers and counting. But learning how to navigate life in the spotlight after just graduating from high school wasn't necessarily easy. 

"It's definitely a little weird to adjust to 'cause, you know, I feel like even dealing with situations, like, privately or publicly or however you handle them, it is really weird to have so many people have an input on, like, your life and things you do," she admitted in her chat on The Rundown. "I'm still learning and definitely struggle with it, but just figuring out, you know, boundaries and different things like that." 

However, she said she's still enjoying "every second" of the journey. "At the end of the day, when I just think, you know, like you were saying, I graduated two years ago and I'm here now," she told Erin. "So when I look at that, I can't help but be happy and excited about it."