Nick Jonas Reveals Cracked Rib Was Result of This TV Stunt With Brothers Joe and Kevin

Nick Jonas, who recently suffered a cracked rib due to a bike accident, explained that he and brothers Joe and Kevin Jonas were filming the high-speed stunt for TV. Get the details.

By Ryan Gajewski May 19, 2021 7:10 AMTags
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Nick Jonas may want to keep all two-wheeled vehicles in chains for the time being—especially if the rest of the Jonas Brothers are around to egg him on. 

The 28-year-old "Chains" singer visited Late Night on Tuesday, May 18, where he gave host Seth Meyers an update on his recovery process and shared more details about the recent bike injury that left him with a cracked rib.

"I'm good," Nick shared. "When I sit upright like this, I'm totally fine. But yeah, it's been a weird couple days recovering from a rib injury because they basically tell you at the hospital, 'There's nothing we can do.' And so you just have to wait it out. But it's all good." 

As for what exactly Nick was up to when the mishap occurred, he told Seth that he and his brothers were filming an NBC project. He didn't give Seth the name of the project, but in an interview with ET, Nick revealed that it was for Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers. The forthcoming hour-long special, airing July 21, also includes Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas as they compete at various sporting events.

"We were shooting something for NBC, my brothers and I, and it was a competitive thing," the Jumanji star explained to Seth. "But we all looked at each other beforehand because the race was actually pretty intense. We said, 'Just take it easy, let's not overdo it.' And so I was being responsible—I wasn't being overly competitive. But just, something happened."

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He continued, "It was one of those things where the steering wheel or whatever, the handlebars, just kind of got out from under me, and I just tumbled, man. And when I hit the ground, I actually felt like, 'Oh, no, I'm going to hurt one of my brothers,' because we're all this close, racing. But then when I got up, I was like, 'Nope, nope. It's me.'"

Seth quipped that the injury happening during filming for NBC means he'll get workers' compensation, which Nick played along with before pointing out the crash doesn't necessarily make things easy for his other NBC gig, a.k.a. serving as a coach on The Voice.

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"But I get to sit in a chair for that the whole time too, so that's fine," Nick joked back. 

Indeed, he appeared on The Voice on May 17 for his first episode since the collision. At that time, Nick told the TV audience he had taken "a spill on a bike" and added, "I've been better, but I'm doing all right."

TMZ had reported that Nick suffered the injury on May 15 and was treated at the hospital before reportedly returning home the following night.

E! News previously reached out to Nick's team for comment and has not heard back.

Later in the interview, the "Sucker" performer, who is hosting this weekend's 2021 Billboard Music Awards, shared that when he's not with wife Priyanka Chopra in London, where she's been filming a movie, he frequently spends time with Joe and his wife, Sophie Turner. As luck would have it, the two couples live only about 10 minutes away from each other in Los Angeles. 

"We see each other quite a lot, which is really nice," he shared about Joe and Sophie. "But when I'm in London, obviously, a little harder to see each other."

For the time being, we hope Nick remembers he's only human and gives himself plenty of time to heal.

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