Botched Patient With Milk-Leaking Armpit Boobs Gets a Breast Reduction Like You've Never Seen

By Samantha Bergeson May 19, 2021 2:00 AMTags
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Two too many! 

The Botched season seven premiere kicked off tonight (May 18) with a bang as Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow tackled a breast reduction unlike any other. 

For desperate patient Samantha, her second set of breasts were making her sweat the small stuff. The self-conscious mother of two didn't even get to wear the wedding dress of her dreams due to two obscure growths under her armpits. 

"I have two sets of boobs and although you would think that would be fun, it's not," Samantha told the camera. "Having four breasts is the pits."

While her "arm-pitties" do not have nipples, they did leak milk when she was breastfeeding. Samantha developed the growths when she was pregnant with her daughter Kendall; only six months after giving birth, Samantha was pregnant again. The armpit boobs only grew in size into "half a softball" or as Samantha joked, "a B-cup" bra size. Even worse, the extra breasts gets "sore and tender to the touch" and chafe with arm movement.

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"It just looks so painful," Samantha's husband Frank empathized. "It's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy."

Samantha had been to seven doctors who refused to operate; one even told her the lumps were "like breast tissue, basically like, 'You're stuck with them,'" she recalled. "Can this be fixed, or will I always have breasts in my armpits?"


Drs. Nassif and Dubrow questioned if the growths were fat or tumors, and Nassif pointed out that Samantha's thyroid seemed swollen upon inspection. "The thing with Samantha is we need to resolve any issues with her thyroid before her surgery," Nassif explained, citing that there could be a correlation between any thyroid "malfunction" and her armpit masses. Even the armpit boobs feel like real breasts! 

Dubrow discussed that breasts can become enlarged during pregnancy at the tail of the breast tissue leading into the base of the armpit. However Samantha's case extended years after giving birth. Any surgery could be dangerous, though, since that area of the body veers into what Dubrow dubbed "tiger country." 

"When you dissect in an area, there are things you can see and things you cannot see like lymph nodes," Dubrow explained. "I'd rather not get into tiger country anytime soon."

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If Samantha's case was not due to a thyroid issue, Dubrow suggested that they operate using a liposuction canon. "Then whatever's left, we open up and try to do dissection as much as possible without getting into tiger country," he summed up. 

On the day of Samantha's surgery, Dubrow received her test results clearing her of all thyroid concerns. "The fact that Samantha's thyroid workup is negative means the problem in her armpits is an isolated problem," Dubrow said in a confessional. "We can therefore go into surgery with confidence knowing the masses in her armpits will not grow back again."


Samantha's operation is a success, and her husband Frankie told her the "scars are a small price to pay" to get her confidence back. 

Samantha similarly gushed after waking up. "It's crazy. It's still so surreal that I'm here," she cried. "I can't wait to wear what I want and just be more confident. I'm just so excited. I'm so thankful for Dr Dubrow. He just did what he knew he needed to do."

Finally, Samantha got to don the bridal gown of her dreams with her loving family by her side—without worrying about what her underarms looked like.


In addition to Samantha's heartbreaking case, the season premiere featured a family lawyer who underwent her seventh breast surgery and a bride who needed her nose reconstructed after a nose job gone wrong.

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