Caught! Buckley Chugs, Piven Third-Wheels

Robert Buckley, Jeremy Piven, and more in Malibu

By Ted Casablanca Jun 03, 2009 12:39 PMTags
Robert Buckley

Robert Buckley drove up coast to hit up the James Perse Malibu store opening over the weekend. You all are aware there is another hot Robert out there besides Pattinson, right? R.B. flew solo to the "chic keg party" (who knew there was such a thing) and was overheard going crazy for the custom James Perse beer bong in the swag bags. Totally sweet dude!

Other guests at the BBQ included…

Mischa Barton, who showed up with a mystery date, and Jeremy Piven, who decided to crash his friend's date-day. Misch, who is still rocking those heinous bangs, made some heads turn (anyone who still thinks she's interesting, that is) with her unrecognizable plus-one.

Meanwhile, the Pivenator showed up with his pro surfer pal Danny Fuller and Fuller's Sports Illustrated model girlfriend, Tori Praver. Bet J.P. was wishing gals were asking to take a picture with him now.

Meanwhile, over in Miami...

Kourtney Kardashian opted to beat the summer rain by having a 90-minute chow down at one of Matt Damon's favorite restaurants, Café Prima Pasta, in North Miami Beach. And get this—the tiny Kardashian eats carbs! Simply shocking stuff, huh guys? With her camera crew on deck, K2, who was dressed all in black, dined with another friend and ordered the beef carpaccio, gnocchi, crab ravioli and salmon risotto. We weren't exaggerating, were we? Love that the fit babe knows how to actually enjoy delish food.

Too yum.

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder, Ashley Fultz and Martin Haro